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Link to an overall timeline related to the effort to impeach Trump over the Ukraine “call”.
Let’s be clear, we are simply laying out a timeline that calls for investigation, not implying “guilt”.
To those who don’t want the big picture, here are the specifics regarding Vindman. It starts with Burisma and an organization called The US Ukraine Business Council (USUBC). Top players in the USUBC are Michael Bleyzer and Tom Firestone. (2)
Michael Bleyzer is a Soviet/Ukrainian born energy billionaire out of Houston. He was a top donor to Rick Perry and has a long donor/law firm relationship with Rudy Giuliani. Firestone is a former EDNY Prosecutor. Burisma was a donor/chair holder at USUBC. (3)
Tom Firestone worked for a legal firm Baker & McKenzie (also associated with USUBC). The mysterious “Zelensky lobbyist”, Marcus Cohen is also purported to have worked at the same law firm as Firestone. Cohen met with Alexander Vindman on several occasions as a lobbyist. (4)
Vindman first met with Cohen on 4/15/19. On 5/20/19 Vindman is in Ukraine with Perry/Volker/Sondland for Zelensky’s inauguration. (5)
*It should be noted that at this point Marie Yovanovitch has been recalled. It is later noted that she conducted numerous meetings and presentations with USUBC, including meetings where she worked directly with Vadym Pozharsky of Burisma. (6)
**Pozharsky was Hunter Biden’s top contact at Burisma. Burisma also became a client of Hunter’s law firm Boies, Schiller, Flexner, and of Blue Star Strategies, owned by former Clintonites Sally Painter and Karen Tramantano. (7)
***One more interesting side bar is that Tom Firestone (USUBC/BakerMcKenzie/EDNY) worked at EDNY at the same time as Burisma attorney John Buretta. Buretta would end up getting all cases against Burisma closed after Biden had Shokin removed. (8)
****Lastly in regards to EDNY, Firestone and Buretta were both there at the same time as current Special Counsel, Jack Smith. (9)
5/19/19, Yuriy Lutsenko, Shokin’s replacement who dropped all charges against Burisma, claims there is no evidence of any wrong doing by the Bidens. (10)
This sets off the media misdirection that Ukraine couldn’t have been showing bias because there was never an investigation of “Hunter Biden”. No one ever claimed this. But Burisma was benefiting the Bidens, hence the potential concern for Joe Biden. (11)
5/??/19 Nazar Kholodyntsky, head of Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption unit tells Rudy Giuliani that the Burisma investigation should be reopened. (12)
7/10/19 After a meeting concerning asking for Ukraine’s help to investigate Burisma and the 2016 election, Vindman contacts “NSC lawyers”. Fiona Hill (later associated with Dossier source Igor Danchenko) does the same. (13)
7/10/19 William Taylor tells Ukrainian officials that Giuliani has told him a call between Trump and Zelensky is unlikely to happen. (14)
7/25/19 At the strong urging of Rick Perry, Trump calls Zelensky and discuss the DNC server hack and the Biden’s ties to corruption via Burisma. Alexander Vindman is listening to the call and is suspected to later tell CIA Agent Eric Ciaramella. (15)
*It should be noted that Perry benefactor Michael Bleyzer is vehemently anti-Trump. Perry will later recommend that Bleyzer be seated on the board of Ukrainian Naftogaz. A month after the Perry Ukriane trip, Bleyzer received a lucrative 50 year drilling contract in Ukraine. (16)
**During the inauguration trip, Vindman claims he was approached multiple times to become the Defense Minister of Ukraine. Claiming it would have been a “great honor” (17)
Vindman in his impeachment testimony would again and again make the case that Trump was proposing an illegal quid pro quo by withholding military aid to Ukraine. Apparently ignorant to the fact Biden had used this tactic numerous times during the Obama Administration. (18)
The questions remain:
1: What happened and what was discussed between Marcus Cohen and Alexander Vindman during the various lobbying sessions. Sessions that would take place 1 month before traveling to meet Zelensky? (19)
2: Is Vindman associated with or connected to Michael Bleyzer, Tom Firestone, Burisma (or any execs), John Buretta or anyone from USUBC, which was funded by Burisma, while he was sabotaging Trump’s investigation into Burisma? (20)
3: What was Vindman’s relationship with Ciaramella before, during, and after “the call”? Why would he use Ciaramella? Why choose a CIA Analyst who had previously attempted to leak Trump information for a previous impeachment attempt? (21)
4: What was Vindman’s relationship with Fiona Hill or Brookings Institute? Did he have any knowledge of or participation with the Steele Dossier? Did he know Igor Danchenko? (22)
5: What were Vindman’s contact or associations with Adam Schiff or anyone on his staff, before during or after “the call”? (23)
6: Was Vindman at any time associated with or in communication with Sam Vinograd, who would allegedly recommend Mark Zaid as the attorney for Eric Ciaramella? Vinograd, a friend of Adam Schiff via Aspen Institute. (24)
7: Did Vindman ever attend or have any association with Aspen Institute? The Atlantic Counsel, or any NGO associated with Burisma, impeachment, etc.? (end)
8: Also, will Vindman discuss what him and Perry talked about during the inauguration trip? Was there ever talk of setting up Trump? Perry URGING Trump to call, Vindman being on the line…seems very coincidental.


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