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Jeff G:

So now a Chicago petty tyrant pol joins with the bigoted mayor of Boston to declare that, to the contemporary “liberal,” tolerance is nothing more than policing conformity of thought — and that he will proudly cast himself as intolerant of intolerance!

And if to do so he needs to engage in a kind of thought policing and religious discrimination?  Well, too bad.  The secular religion of statist authoritarianism demands we surrender such quaint notions as the ungodly and way too fucking forgiving  First Amendment if we’re ever going to have true tolerance, where everyone is tolerant of everyone else because everyone is compelled to parrot the same politically-approved speech (and, if we can figure out a way to do so, the same politically-approved thoughts).

Liberals everywhere will cheer this on — even as it is a quite direct statement about the ability of citizens to make choices themselves based on their own beliefs.  The government will fight your personal battles for you — once they tell you what those battles are.  You, citizen, can just sit off to the side and clap like a trained seal.

Chicago Tribune:

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