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P Gosselin:

If you’re wondering how desperate alarmists have become in the debate against the skeptics, look no further than Prof. Naomi Oreskes at the 1:12:40 mark of the following video, where she brings up possible “RICO-style prosecution” to go after skeptics. Hey, if you can’t win the scientific debate, then just have the US federal government declare it over and to go after anyone who doesn’t agree with it.

Obviously the alarmists are tired of losing and seeing support slip away. They just want to be declared the winner, and anyone who can’t accept that should learn to do so using the threat of RICO-style prosecution.

Much of the panel discussion has the participants trying to re-convince themselves there is a scientific consensus and that anyone who disagrees is just stupid anyway. They also talk about what the media can do to control the message, and they praise the LA Times for censoring skeptic views.

After watching parts of the above discussion, you’ll agree that the best thing to do is to just keep on doing what they hate the most: Focus on the data and the charts, and getting people to look out the window (if it isn’t buried in snow).

Video here

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