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Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz responds to the Roger Stone indictment.  This is worth watching.

The key point to remember is nothing is happening in a vacuum. This is a political case utilizing the structure of the legal system. If you have followed CTH through the years (Zimmerman, Ferguson, Baltimore et al), you will notice the familiar process of weaponizing the judicial system for political benefit. This is the essence of Lawfare and is highly coordinated, planned and strategized [more later]..

People new to reviewing the process of political “lawfare”, have a tough time reconciling what is happening because the traditional perspectives of law, order and justice do not apply.

Professional political Democrats would not be using “impeachment” in the constitutional sense of the process; but rather weaponizing the process –as a tool itself– to:

•target the executive office;
•diminish the presidency (“isolate”/”marginalize”, Alinsky rules);
•and position themselves for 2020.

Optics and innuendo are key elements, tools per se’, in the Alinsky narrative engineering process.  That’s why Pelosi, Schumer and the democrat machine are going bananas about getting a raw Mueller report and not a version from AG Barr {explained here}.

From Pelosi’s rules, we now know Elijah Cummings will deliver the schedule for impeachment hearings before his deadline on April 15th. We also know from the outline of the process they are following, the next likely witness to be subpoenaed, and to grab the media headlines will be Donald Trump Jr.

That’s where Adam Schiff (HPSCI) and Jerry Nadler (Judiciary) come in with the technical hearings to begin the ‘impeachment’ specifics.  The ‘wild card’ per se’ is AG nominee William Barr.  For the process to proceed according to plan, the internal elements within the corrupt systems of the DOJ and FBI need to control William Barr until they have reached a point where Barr can be controlled through the narrative of interference.

Again, there is very little doubt the approach has already been mapped out in post-election meetings between: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the Democrat committee heads, allies in the lawfare community, political allies inside the executive branch (IC, DOJ, FBI etc.), along with feedback from political networks, DNC (Perez) and major resistance donors.

The real trick to discovering the plan (as early as possible) will be to spot the signals that will tell us where they are going before they shift in their planned direction.

SC Robert Mueller (the team, not the person) and DAG Rod Rosenstein have already explained to POTUS Trump that if he attempts any declassification of documents currently part of Mueller’s investigative purview (that’s literally everything and or anything they lay claim to), the Special Counsel investigative unit will consider that interference with their investigation of him (President Trump).   That threat, and the advice of White House lawyers (prior counsel no longer present), led to Trump backing down in September:

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