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by Ace

Now: Joe Biden has fled! WHO WILL SAVE US NOW?!
NeverTrumpers are emotionally, psychologically, and of course physically healthy beings:

No lie, as I slim down I get more emotionally tranquil and as I pork up I get more touchy and angry.
Try to get some GAINZZZ, you fat sacks of venomous hatred. And also, you fat sacks of fat.

Even the “man” I know by the codename “AHOY ONE” finds Biden to be “not reassuring.”

A very weak expression of disapproval from AHOY ONE, who staked his reputation on liberal internationalism and promiscuous interventionism.
I guess his Democrat donors will only allow him to say so much.
Some people have had enough of the Alcoholic Shut-In who views lockdowns as nice equalizer, as it forces healthy, normal people to live sad agoraphobic lives more similar to his own:


I’ll link AllahPundit for the first time in years. Flow your tears, the policeman said.

Sources: White House believes scenes of slaughter in Afghanistan will boost support for Biden’s withdrawal decision

So wait, does that mean Biden won’t be restoring our precious norms, KarenPundit?

Incredibly cynical and depressing. And quite possibly correct.

“The public opinion is pretty damn clear that Americans wanted out of the ongoing war and don’t want to get back in. It’s true today and it’s going to be true in six months,” said one Biden ally. “It isn’t about not caring or being empathetic about what’s going on over there, but worrying about what’s happening in America…”White House officials believe Americans’ horror over graphic images of the chaos in Kabul and pleas from Afghans who fear they will be killed by the Taliban will morph into support for the president�s decision to pull troops from the country by Aug. 31 after a 20-year war.

They expect the Afghanistan story to recede from the headlines, replaced by the resurgence in COVID-19 cases, the economic recovery and other issues, people familiar with the matter said.

KarenPundit gets that dig in about the American people — this cynical strategy will probably work, Xhe says — still bitter and butthurt that America doesn’t share his passion for neoliberal internationalism any longer.

Even in a post about the callous cynicism of the Administration xhe voted for, xhe still has to get a dig in on Americans generally. And of course Trump voters.
It’s always about Trump. And Trump voters. Always, always, always.
Just like fellow liberals Jonah Goldberg and Tom Nichols, KarenPundit shifts his anger and disgust away from the man he supported for president — the man who is actually doing these things — to the American people.
Anything to avoid confessing that they made a stupid, egotistical, immoral choice in 2020. (And in 2016, too.)
It’s not me who screwed up — it’s these damn American voters!

By the logic of “the worse, the better,” maybe it makes sense that they’re seemingly prepared to leave Americans behind on August 31. If the public is pro-withdrawal now, imagine how supportive they’ll be when the Taliban is posting videos of Americans being beheaded.
Karen’s talking about Biden choosing to leave Americans to be beheaded.

No mention of possible impeachment over such a heinous, cowardly decision. Just examining the politics of it. Wondering if Americans are dumb enough and savage enough to applaud it.
Well, I don’t know about you, but my precious norms have certainly been restored.

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