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Christian Toto @ Big Hollywood:

Hollywood conservatives are hopeful for some real change in their industry.

Fox News reports that the recent support given to Mitt Romney by stars ranging from Stacey Dash to Kelsey Grammer are due to a new sense of comfort right-leaning celebrities feel within the show business community.

Publicist Angie Meyer told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column:

“For the first time in a long time, conservatives in Hollywood are resisting the bullying from the left. They are ready to speak their minds.”

So, too, are liberal celebrities – even when their thoughts are hateful or cruel. The latter group speaks freely with the knowledge they won’t get punished for their comments. They might even be resume enhancers.

The danger of conservatives speaking their minds in Hollywood, however, hasn’t gone away. This reporter spoke to a well known actor recently who described losing work because his conservative political views became known to his peers.

Others experience a similar backlash.

“It seems that more conservatives in Hollywood are ‘coming out.’ Whether it is ‘more acceptable’ (to be a conservative in Hollywood) remains to be seen. There is a real threat of losing work in the conservative Hollywood community,” explained [The Hollywood Congress of Republicans’] president Mell Flynn. “The ever tolerant Hollywood left isn’t really too tolerant at all. I personally think politics should be left out of the work place. If I am on set and others start speaking negatively about conservatives, I will jump in and defend them. I refuse to let the left get away with their spin and lies. More conservatives in Hollywood need to come out, there is power in numbers.”

This begs the question – why are more conservatives daring to expose views which could bring them trouble?

Blame President Barack Obama. Had the last four years been filled with a robust economy, an effective foreign policy and the sort of transparency promised during the 2008 campaign actors would be far less open to share their opposing views.

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