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Fresh off his latest plagiarism scandal, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden ripped off indicted lawyer Michael Avenatti’s proposed campaign slogan on Tuesday, which spurred reaction online, including from Avenatti.During a campaign stop in Iowa, Biden said: “I think it’s time, you know, [Trump] says, ‘let’s Make America Great Again,’ let’s make America America again.”

People immediately noticed that Biden’s remarks were an exact match for the campaign slogan that Avenatti had proposed using for his campaign before he encountered legal problems and decided not to run for office

Avenatti responded to Biden taking his phrase in a tweet, writing: “I wish I would have thought of this. Oh, wait…”

Last week Biden was hit with charges of plagiarism after his campaign published “a $1.7 trillion climate change plan that appeared to copy a handful of passages from previously published documents,” Politico reported. “The incident recalled the plagiarism incident that helped drive Biden from the 1988 presidential race, though Biden’s campaign team called the latest episode an error that was corrected.”

Donald Trump Jr. responded to Biden’s latest plagiarism incident by writing on Twitter: “Now Biden is plagiarizing Creepy Porn Lawyer.

Avenatti responded to Trump Jr. by writing on Twitter: “Hey Biff (aka @DonaldJTrumpJr) – I’m still waiting for you to grow some ‘sprouts’ and engage with me in person. You’ve got quite a big mouth for a guy whose greatest accomplishment is belonging to the lucky sperm club. Put up or shut up.

“Since I won’t be using it, I’m happy @JoeBiden is using ‘Let’s Make America America Again.’ Because it’s a damn good slogan and message,” Avenatti added.

Avenatti’s tweets cannot be embedded in news articles because he locked his Twitter account.

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