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by Sundance

The Ron DeSantis and Jeff Roe strategy was pretty simple.  Push all other states to lower concentration and focus extremely hard on Iowa.   All resources were shifted into Iowa for Ron DeSantis and the Florida governor almost moved his entire family there to campaign heavily.  DeSantis has promised to campaign in every one of the 99 counties in Iowa.

That said, a weird thing keeps happening.  The more that voters are exposed to Ron DeSantis, the more they pull away from supporting him.

This is something I shared last year when I said DeSantis was going to run this year.

The issue is honesty and authenticity, DeSantis has neither.  As you read this Ron DeSantis is trying out the latest control script against Trump by saying he would have done a better job in the spring of 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic, and he would have fired all of the NIH, CDC, FDA and NIAID health advisors in U.S. government, including Anthony Fauci.

The problem with that campaign talking point is that it’s pure nonsense, and every intellectually honest person knows that.   DeSantis would never have done anything any different, because no one had any concept of what this COVID-19 issue was really all about.  DeSantis is using hindsight and armchair quarterbacking, and that comes out as pure fakery – because it is.  DeSantis has no honesty or authenticity.  That’s not going to change, and Iowa voters are seeing it up close.

The latest polling from Iowa State University shows this problem in real time. [LINK]  AMES, IA — Donald Trump far outpaces other Republican presidential nominees in an Iowa State University/Civiqs poll, which surveyed 1,128 registered voters from Sept. 2-7. The results are the first in a five-part, monthly poll intended to track shifting voter perspectives before the Iowa caucuses on Jan. 15, 2024.

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