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by Ace

By the way, before getting to this: I heard this story mentioned but didn’t know the details. I searched for it on the alleged “search” website Google, which is not a website for finding information, but for hiding it.
It did not disclose the story. It did, however, stick a bunch of stories in my face “debunking” “conspiracy theories” like claims that Biden got questions in advance before the 2020 debate.
But “african reporter complains biden list of reporters” and many variations thereof yielded no results of the story I was looking for.
Then I remembered that, which I think is a French company, provides unfiltered — “Unfortified” — search results.
I tried “african reporter complains biden list of reporters” in Qwant, and you know what I got?
I got the exact story I was looking for as the very first result. You know, the way a search program is supposed to return results, where it’s actually trying to return results responsive to what you’re looking for instead of hiding what you’re looking for and instead flooding you with results which you don’t want but which Google and the Deep State it’s colluding with want you to see.
Isn’t that amazing? A search function that actually searches for the thing you’re searching for instead of “fortifying” the results with what the Deep State and Google think you should have been searching for instead?
We literally cannot find information any longer, because Google only shoves what it has decided are “trusted sources” in our faces, which are always leftwing legacy media sources like CNN, NPR, and… Vox, as well as US government organs like the CDC and Department of State, ad we know that the US government never lies.
Is the House GOP going to hold hearings on this fucking outrage by a monopoly corporation deliberately attempting to derange and poison the ability of the American public to get necessary information to make choices about public policy and their political destiny, or are they just going to keep taking money from the Chamber of Commerce and Google and Meta and cover it all up?
The latter, right?
Right, that’s what I thought.
How much longer do you think we’ll keep playing along with this game, GOP? Either you’re on our side or you’re Controlled Opposition traitors and deceivers who are actually worse than our announced, open opponents.
By the way, Elon Musk: Want to make some extra money? Buy up a minor-player search engine, start beefing it up, and then promote it as an “unfortified,” find-what-you’re-actually-searching-for-witout-Deep-State-interference Google-killer.
Here is that Daily Caller story delivered with zero fuss and in 0.01 seconds via the so-far-unfortified search engine

Today News Africa’s Chief White House Correspondent Simon Ateba ripped President Joe Biden in a Thursday op-ed for holding a “rigged” press briefing.During the president’s first post-election press conference, Biden said he was “given a list of 10 people” he was “supposed to call on.”
“And you’re all supposed to ask me one question, but I’m sure you’ll ask me more,” Biden continued.
In response, Ateba slammed Biden for the lack of transparency.
“Many things at the White House are rigged, especially press briefings or press conferences,” Ateba wrote. “Questions are often sent in advance by the same set of reporters who get called on all the time. The President or the Press Secretary then reads prepared answers from a binder or a notebook with talking points.”
Ateba says while it may “appear normal” on the outside, “it’s a show, a sham.”

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