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sundancecracker @ The last Refuge:

By now you are probably aware of another ”green on blue attack“; politispeak for an Afghan army national, who we train and arm, turning his gun on US soldiers at a checkpoint….  Well, there’s more to the story…. there were 17 of the bastards:

First, the official media report

(Associated Press [AP] Version)  –KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — An Afghan soldier turned his gun on American troops at a checkpoint in the country’s east, killing two Americans and at least two fellow members of Afghanistan’s army in a shooting that marked both the continuance of a disturbing trend of insider attacks and the 2,000th U.S. troop death in the long-running war, officials said Sunday.


The string of insider attacks is one of the greatest threats to NATO’s mission in the country, endangering a partnership key to training up Afghan security forces and withdrawing international troops.

Saturday’s shooting took place at an Afghan army checkpoint just outside a joint U.S.-Afghan base in Wardak province, said Shahidullah Shahid, a provincial government spokesman.  (AP article)

Now the IRL [In Real Life] version:  So, this is how I’m hearing that the attack happened this morning. A sergeant first class and a contractor approached an ANA checkpoint and struck up a conversation with the officer in charge of the outpost. In mid-sentence, the ANA officer shot the contractor and the sergeant first class, who went down returning fire.

As the sergeant first class was shot, the entire 17-man Afghan unit opened fire on the US convoy which was passing through the checkpoint. Three other soldiers were injured, and one is critical.

That means that there were 17 m’er f’ers who had slipped through the system that we were assured was in place to weed out the goat raping thugs who planned on killing Americans. 17 of them in one unit.

But, don’t worry, because General John Allen is “mad as hell” about it;

ISAF commander General John Allen told US 60 Minutes program in an interview recorded before the latest incident, and scheduled to be aired today, that insider attacks were unacceptable.

“I’m mad as hell about them, to be honest with you,” he said. “We’re willing to sacrifice a lot for this campaign, but we’re not willing to be murdered for it.”

I hope he cleared his anger with the White House, because it was just a few weeks ago Jay Carney told us that the casualties from the “insider” attacks was “negligible” in terms of the strategy.

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