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The current Covid19 vaccines have several problems. I would say that there are 9 main areas of interest:

  • the spike protein appears to be cytotoxic.
  • the emergence of immune escape variants.
  • the potential for antibody dependent enhancement.
  • the potential for autoimmune disorders.
  • the narrow design focus of the vaccines.
  • the fact that alternative treatments are available to both prevent and treat covid.
  • they are trying to jab everyone, even people who have recovered from covid and do not need the jab.
  • there are a growing number of severe reactions to the vaccines but this fact gets very little coverage in the press and sometimes it even gets outright censorship.
  • the potential for long term unknown side effects and the potential impact of this on national security.

I will present a brief overview of each issue and then provide scientific data below for support (except for 9. which is more a discussion based on a logical assessment of future risk).

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