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Biden’s new press secretary @K_JeanPierre made waves this week for old tweets claiming that multiple US elections had been “stolen.”
A review of the rest of Biden’s cabinet found that many of them had done so, too.
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First, Jean-Pierre takes over the reins from the current press secretary, @jrpsaki, who also pushed the Big Blue Lie that Russia installed President Trump as leader of the free world.


But some of Biden’s cabinet members were even more aggressive in pushing the salacious and unsupported allegations of Russiagate.
No one went deeper down the rabbit hole than Energy Secretary @JenGranholm. Just look.




These only scratch the surface – @JenGranholm was unhinged about the Russia Collusion hoax.




It should come as no surprise that terminally online White House Chief of Staff @RonaldKlain got in on this one, too.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and former @RepMarciaFudge even skipped Trump’s inauguration because she claimed he had stolen the election.



Few people beat the Russian Collusion drum more consistently on Capitol Hill than Vice President and former Senator @KamalaHarris



But Russian Collusion was a frequent allegation across the Dem presidential primary, including from now-Secretary of Transportation @PeteButtigieg


Few people went further in their Russia allegations than Interior Secretary @DebHaalandNM


And speaking of conspiracy theories, @DebHaalandNM also claimed that Trump was using USPS to steal the 2020 election.


Weird as that sounds, she wasn’t alone from the Biden Admin on that one. Secretary of Health and Human Services @AGBecerra pushed it, too, and even sued the Trump Admin over it.

Nowadays, the Dems pretend that questioning the results of an election is an unthinkable, anti-patriotic attack on our democracy.
Obviously that sentiment is a recent invention for members of the Biden Administration. Read the full piece at @FreeBeacon (…)
I don’t think we talk enough about how an entire political party breathlessly pushed a conspiracy theory to try to overturn the results of a presidential election because they didn’t like who won.


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