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A few weeks back, certain NeverTrumpers sized upon the new Twitter meme — all these people do is repeat crap they see on twitter — that our current politics is “exhausting,” and Trump is “exhausting,” and we’re all so “exhausted.”

They said this in service of pushing their day-in, day-out Obsessive Compulsive Narrative: Say, don’t you agree we should give the election to the Democrats, as we’ve urged now for the third election running?

I mean, if we just give the Democrats everything they want, then we won’t be so “exhausted,” because then the Democrats will leave us alone, and we can go back to hammering checks on the Paycheck Conservative Grift.

Grifters pushing this “exhausted” line were Erick Erickson and Seth Mandel, though many, many of the Twitter Friends Club got around to repeating the Group Meme.

You know, as these daring, independent, and brilliant minds are always just repeating things they saw on the one thing that gives their pathetic lives value, Twitter.

It was so obnoxious, and so transparently a marketing meme agreed to behind the scenes, that people began parodying it. In discussion groups I belong to, we now frequently say things are “exhausting” and how “exhausted” we are and so on.

You guys? When you mock my crocs, my messenger bag, or my shelving skills — you are so exhausting.

I’m plum exhausted. I’m just pooped.

Now, I don’t know this Adam Muceus includes Mollie Hemingway John Nolte and other definitely non-exhausted troopers in this tweet, but I take his point in referring to the Paycheck Conservatives and their “Exhausted” marketing campaign.

Maybe he saw them parodying the “so exhausting” attempt at a Twitter meme? Maybe he didn’t realize they were sarcastically mocking the “so exhausted” stalwarts?

Not sure.

I am a christian political conservative american living in flyover country (OHIO). I will most likely never make six figures doing radio, TV, or writing about politics. I will most likely never run for high office of any kind. I want to send a message to all conservative pundits and republican office holders about the current state of our movement.

First let me start by listing many who this message is meant for. @EWErickson @DavidAFrench @BulwarkOnline @benshapiro @JesseKellyDC @SethAMandel @stevengberman @andrewklavan @NolteNC @jaynordlinger @MZHemingway @JonahNRO @RichLowry @tedcruz @yesnicksearcy @bdomenech, Etc. I saw a tweet this morning stating that many republicans and conservatives are getting tired of fighting battles with media and the democrat party over @realDonaldTrump.

I thought about that idea for a few minutes and I then got angry. I then thought about it for a few minutes and decided you all need to know something.

What you all do for a living isn’t manual labor or back breaking work, and if making six figures every year to host a daily radio show is too hard for you, then please quit.

My Gosh, you sound like whiny little rich kids who didn’t get the latest iphone.

And you know what the dumbest part of this all is, you think this will go away when Trump is gone. It’s like you don’t remember Reagan being hounded, Bush being called Hilter, or every conservative in this country being called a racist homophobic dumb ass daily by these crazy pagans on the left in media and politics for 30 years.

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