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For today’s thread we’ll take a look at the latest work from that Obama sockpuppet think tank, the Center for a New American Security.

I love how people go out of town for a couple weeks, get back to Twitter, and act like they’ve descended, enlightened, from a Himalayan retreat.

Russian casualties thus far have been less than 10% and damaged units have had a month to reconstitute.
But please, Mr. Director of Russia Studies and “follower of Russia capabilities,” tell me more.

Ukraine’s twitter offensive into towns they already control around Kharkov going swimmingly in the heads of Beltway think tankers, which is probably its primary objective anyways.
(Tweet 3 was platitudes)

I love how when your side is getting schwacked any retreat becomes “tactical.”
Also how they’re supposed to counterattack over blown bridges is beyond me, but hey, I’m not the CNAS Director of Russia Studies. I’m just a vet staring at maps for fun.

Even according to Oryx it’s not worse than 20%. And they’ve had a month to reconstitute. So this guy is just believing Ukrainian propaganda numbers or something.

Can you get paid for writing takes this bad?
Like seriously asking, I do this stuff for free.
(meanwhile in the real world the Russians have redeployed their assault troops elsewhere, and it’s on video)

He says, without evidence. Also if you, like, look at a map there’s a pretty big salient developing in that southern defensive line right now where the Russians are smashing through.

Meanwhile the Ukrainians are retreating into Nikolaev. Not even the Ukrainians are pushing this rosy of a take right now.

The Russians only blew a bunch of bridges over the Dnieper yesterday and have been running airstrikes into the region for the last month, but tell me about the upcoming Zelensky Offensive.
It’ll probably turn out as well as the last “-ensky Offensive.”

French Government of National Defense in 1871 vibes right here.

Where does this meme even come from? Is he suggesting the Russians are attacking in road march formation?
Like yes there are a lot of roads in Ukraine, when going from A to B you generally use a road, but, like… any army would do that lol.

Translation: I don’t want to admit Ukraine is going to lose regardless of the first twelve tweets I just wrote.

They never had a problem in the first place, but please go on…

Almost like the Russians are prepared to win them.

Now do Ukraine lol.

And we’re back to the great Zelensky Offensive.
CNAS is a very prominent progressive-military think tank with enormous influence in official circles in DC. If this is what they’re putting out, no wonder US policy has been so misguided thus far. /end


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