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New CO2 report! Expect the mainstream media to begin their chorus of impending doom and gloom now that the latest annual global CO2 report has been released.

Warmist energy and climate website CO2-Handel reports here that once again global CO2 emissions have increased, reaching a record level in 2012!  Yet CO2 Handel forgets to tell us that global temperature hasn’t risen in almost 15 years:

Atmospheric CO2 has been rising for years, but global temps are going in the opposite direction! Source: (Straight lines drawn in by hand by NTZ).

According to an annual report prepared by the EU Commission and Dutch PBL research organization, man pumped another 34 billion tons of CO2 into the Earth’s atmosphere.  The report was made public in Italy yesterday.

The report says China now produces as much CO2 per capita as Europe. Globally, CO2 emissions in 2011 were 3% higher, despite Europe and USA cutting their emissions 3% and 2% respectively (due in large part to the relatively warm winter and the global economic crisis).

Emissions in China, however, surged 9% primarily due to growing steel and cement production. India’s emissions jumped 6%. And because these countries are a long way from being optimally developed, even greater CO2 emissions there and in the other developing countries are inevitable. Don’t expect CO2 to be curbed anytime soon.

CO2 Handel also writes:

But the experts see a shimmer of hope: The share of renewable energy foremost sun, wind and biomass in energy production has quadrupled between 1992 and 2011.”

But at what cost, and has it stopped CO2 emissions?

And looking at the above temperature chart, why would anyone even want to curb CO2 emissions? The sooner we get to 500 ppm, the better. At that point, today’s developing countries will have reached a standard of living that is humane.

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