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Jason Howerton @ The Blaze:

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott on Tuesday vowed to use every means necessary to fight the “dangerous” United Nations global arms treaty that was overwhelmingly approved by the General Assembly on Tuesday.

Speaking to a group of reporters on a conference call, Abbott warned that the arms treaty “raises a red warning flag to anyone concerned about the liberties guaranteed to all Americans under the United States Constitution.”

“That flag was raised when the United States agreed to the passage of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty,” he added. “This treaty is a dangerous threat, not only to Second Amendment rights under the United States Constitution, but also erodes our constitutional liberties by placing more of the control of those liberties in the hands of bureaucrats at the United Nations.”

Abbott said he sent a letter to the White House on Tuesday urging the Obama administration to take the appropriate action. However, the Texas attorney general expressed doubt that the administration would actually oppose the implementation of the treaty in the U.S. because it announced that it was pleased with the treaty’s passage.

Additionally, Abbott said Secretary of State John Kerry insinuated the arms treaty is implementable in the United States. Kerry on Tuesday applauded the “strong, effective and implementable Arms Trade Treaty that can strengthen global security while protecting the sovereign right of states to conduct legitimate arms trade.”

Warning that the global arms agreement could possibly be ratified and imposed on Americans, Abbott said the treaty would only need to be accepted by President Barack Obama and then ratified by the Democrat-controlled Senate with a two-thirds vote. “I don’t think the Obama administration would’ve voted for this, would be coming up this day so strongly in support of it if he thought he didn’t have a chance of getting the U.S. Senate to pass it, or ratify it,” he said.

Should the Senate actually ratify the U.N. Arm Trade Treaty, Abbott said he would be forced to take swift and certain legal action to “shut down this unconstitutional treaty.”

In addition to regulating military weaponry like battle tanks and armored combat vehicles, Abbott argued the treaty also looks to regulate small arms and light weapons, among various other types of weapons.

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