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Certainly Americans are bitter — and untold numbers of folks may very well be angry — but it’s the president himself who’s the angriest of all.
And why? Well, he literally can’t blame anyone but himself. And as most analysts now agree (on cable news, at least), this is the greatest military debacle in U.S. history. He’s left to screaming his frustrations, blaming the pox of public opinion, for his failures, but it’s all on him. What a craven and pitiful imitation of a man, gawd.

And angry? Shoot, I’ve been fuming with rage these last few days, and not just because he botched everything, but especially for the literally tens of thousands who’ve been left behind — and don’t be fooled, it’s not just “100-200” Americans whom the administration’s abandoned. Peter Bergen was on CNN a little while ago just hammering the president, excoriating him for leaving so many behind, and especially for turning Afghanistan into the #1 terrorist hotspot in the world, with Jihadis now surging into the country from around the globe.
And people are wondering if the U.S. is now vulnerable to a new attack on the homeland? Well duh, and it’s all on Biden and the hypocritical and ghoulish leftists who put him into power — and aren’t Democrats supposed to be “antiwar” after all?
It’s all horrifying and this country will reap the whirlwind of totalitarian Islam’s rape, carnage, famine, and endless — never-ending — murder and terror.
Just awful. Biden’s turned this great nation into a colossal, bumbling hegemon of despair.
This is not the country I grew up in, and I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I just never — I mean never — could have believed how this country could be put so low.

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