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by Dana Loesch

It’s interesting that within the same week Alex Jones is ordered to pay nearly a billion dollars in damages from his claims that Sandy Hook was a false flag event, the CEO of Pfizer (after the CDC’s Deborah Birx earlier this year) admitted that the “vaccine” was never tested to determine if it stopped virus transmission.
In other words, they lied. No one is suing Big Pharma for a billion dollars yet.
That’s the thing, people can and do lie all the time, some with greater consequences than others. Free speech — free from legal action — is free speech until it crosses over into libel, slander, defamation, and other unprotected forms of speech, meaning you can still say something stupid but within our legal framework if you say something stupid and it causes the person you’re talking about to suffer, your speech is no longer protected from legal action to remedy that suffering.
I think there are two issues that can coexist here: You can agree or disagree with the court’s decision that Jones’s remarks qualified as defamation and also wonder whether or not that billion dollar figure is excessive. Libel, slander, defamation trials are notoriously difficult to prosecute because a high bar must be cleared for the propose of protecting speech, making these cases difficult to prosecute. How was this sum calculated? At least $550 million of it is what prosecutors asked the jury to award based on the number of impressions Jones’ false claims received online.
Many, including myself, disagreed with his opinion that the tragedy was staged and thought Jones didn’t make any of this easy on himself — but to the cost of a billion dollars? Is it just because we’ve never before heard of such a large amount in damages? What harm does a billion dollars offset? Was the penalty fair in proportion to the offense or was it political revenge instead of a reckoning?

Why is it that not everyone faces judgment equally?

What would damages look like against someone who caused harm by undermining faith in our elections?

I ask these questions because the last thing I or anyone wants are courts weaponized the way we saw with FISA in 2016 against Carter Page, bureaus like the weaponized FBI tagging parents as “domestic terrorists,” agencies weaponized like the IRS against the tea party, or police weaponized to raid and arrest peaceful pro-life folks after Antifa and BLM rioters went free.

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