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Nurses applaud what they then spend time criticizing…wha-?!

About 1,500 nurses squeezed into the hotel ballroom to give Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius a standing ovation before she’d even said hello. “This is so exciting!” whispered a nursing teacher from Grand Rapids, Mich.

There was extravagant applause when Sebelius said that some members of Congress consider defunding the Affordable Care Act “the only thing they’d like to do for the next three years of their lives.” There was more of the same when she added, “But here’s the real deal: This is the law.”

Anyone at that microphone would have been feeling the love by then — and thinking she was among allies.


Alas, Madam Secretary, some of those standing and clapping were just being polite. In conversations before and after your “Let’s go get ’em” talk, the health-care professionals at the Marriott Wardman Park were as divided as the rest of us. And just as confused about how 16 million previously uninsured will enroll, and what that will change.

Their objections aren’t partisan or ideological. No one mentioned abortion, worried about expanding the role of government or voiced concern that Americans could get “hooked” on a new entitlement.

Their concerns are specific and practical.

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