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We now know for a fact that Spy-in-Chief Barack Obama weaponized the various intelligence agencies at his command to do something unprecedented: spy on a rival presidential campaign, specifically Donald Trump’s.

From what we know so far, Obama’s spies spied on Trump in seven spying ways. Just one of these seven items should make us gasp. Put together, they add up to something that makes Watergate look like a pillow fight.

  1. Wiretaps

The Obama administration placed wiretaps all over the Trump campaign, and we are just now learning that it now appears as though wiretaps put in place by foreign countries were part of the operation.

  1. FISA Warrants Obtained Using Lies

The Obama administration obtained warrants to wiretap Trump associates by lying to FISA judges.

  1. Sending Spies to Spy on the Trump Campaign

Obama’s FBI director, the disgraced James Comey, ran an all-out spying operation that even utilized spies to spy on the Trump campaign.

The Obama administration called this spying operation filled with spies to spy on Trump… “Crossfire Hurricane.”

  1. Paid Foreigners to Gather Lies from Foreigners about Trump’s Peeing on Hookers

If you want to talk about foreign meddling in a presidential campaign, how about Obama’s FBI (along with the Hillary Clinton campaignpaying foreigner Christopher Steele, the English leftist who created the hoax dossier, to gather up lies from Russians about Trump’s peeing on hookers.

  1. Unmasking

Another way the Obama administration “wiretapped” Trump was through an unprecedented unmasking operation that was basically a workaround to avoid the American courts. By wiretapping foreigners Trump officials were in contact with, the Obama administration effectively wiretapped Team Trump.

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