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by Steven Ahle

As peopled watch the movie 2000 Mules all across the country, they have become convinced or more convinced that the election was not on the up and up. Now, the word out of Michigan is that they have a mountain of new evidence of voter fraud. We all remember the two vans that dropped ballots between 3:30 and 4:30 AM the day after the election.
The fraud deniers kept changing their stories as each one was totally debunked:

The problem is that the video of the drop boxes does not coincide with the number of ballots in the early morning drops. Once the videos of the Zuckerberg drop boxes were reviewed, it became obvious that the excuse that they were late incoming votes just does not hold water.
Dominion Whistleblower Mellissa Carone reported that she saw Dominion officials panic at 11:30 pm on election night and claim there was a ‘data loss’ and that they had to head over to the Department of Elections. Seven and a half hours later, the late votes were delivered to the counting center. Why were the alleged late ballots delivered over seven hours later, when it is a six-minute drive between the two? And why did the votes pour in 7 hours after Dominion employees went over to the DOE?
From The Gateway Pundit

  1. Courageous Detroit elections worker whistleblower Jessy Jacob testified that the Zuckerberg Drop Boxes were cleared out every hour. 
  2. Jacob also said that there were no ballots left to process at the Detroit Department of Elections by 8:30PM on election night.
  3. Jacob said that she was instructed not to challenge any ballot, that every ballot was processed through the Detroit Department of Elections. This matches a well-documented controversy where Democrat Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson illegally eliminated the signature verification process for absentee ballots.
  4. Every single witness the Gateway Pundit has spoken with said that there were no ballots left to count and tabulate by around 9:00PM on election night at the TCF Center. Many left the location because there was nothing left to do.
  5. Every other county in Michigan other than Wayne County and three others that tilted heavily for Biden had already reported their totals on election night. Wayne County was suspiciously last to report their election totals.

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