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When the MSM references teens and youths, you know the deal. If the shooter or shooters were white, CNN would be screaming about white supremacy, MAGA, and confiscating our guns. This story will be memory-holed in 3,2,1…. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

Via ZeroHedge

More Than 20 Shot At Alabama Party

A mass shooting Saturday night in Dadeville, Alabama, has left at least one person dead and 20 people injured, according to reports.

News outlet WRBL said the shooting occurred at a Sweet-16 Birthday party in downtown Dadeville around 10:30 ET

“We are told the majority of those injured are teenagers. That information has not been confirmed by law enforcement. We do not know if a person(s) of interest or suspect(s) is in custody. We cannot confirm how many have died at this hour,” the media outlet said.

The Tallapoosa County Coroner told ABC 33/40’s Valerie Bell, “There are fatalities,” but did specify how many were killed.

WRBL spoke with investigators who said a dispute may have led to the shooting.

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