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Oooh, scary. Obviously, Hawaiian shirts are the preferred casual wear of neo-Nazis. Heinrich Himmler commissioned the design of the first Hawaiian shirts for use as camouflage when invading jungles filled with parrots and flamingos.

The media is having a serious conniption over Hawaiian shirts today.

Washington Post: “White Men Wearing Hawaiian Shirts Carrying Guns Add Volatile New Element to Protests.” Note the original headline specified “White Men,” as you can tell from the URL (

They’ve now deleted the “White” from the headline, I guess because they realized that an article claiming to decry racism shouldn’t smear an entire race in its headline. That makes the game a little too obvious.

A Tampa television reporter was broadcasting live from protests last weekend when two young men in Hawaiian shirts moved in front of the camera and began chanting the name of an obscure white nationalist slogan, drowning out protesters shouting “No Justice, No Peace!”

The incident was one of a growing number in which far-right extremists who once organized mainly online have been inserting themselves into the real-world protests roiling much of the nation, sowing confusion about the nature of the protests and seeking attention for their causes.

They’ve appeared, sometimes carrying assault rifles, at protests in Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia and dozens of other cities, often wearing Hawaiian shirts — a seemingly goofy uniform that, within the ranks of their movement, signals adherence to a violent, divisive, anti-government ideology.

You know, there are some people doing more than “signal adherence to a violent, divisive, anti-government ideology.” You know, like your extremist leftist terrorist allies who are burning things down and attacking citizens defending their property with intent to kill and murdering black federal agents and police officers.

Note that the crime these people stand charged with is the crime of “Appearing” places. The Washington Post is now criminalizing “Appearing” places, while it continues to ignore or even defend — or even praise — actual crimes such as looting, arson, rioting, and deadly assault perpetrated by their antifa allies.

But they’ll rope the “right wing” into this, by noting that, sometimes, insidiously, they “Appear” places.

And sometimes they “signal.”

That makes them worse than the firebugs and actual murderers of antifa and BLM.

Esquire is similarly aquiver: In the subhed, they insert the “White” smear that the Washington Post scrubbed:

Wondering why so many heavily armed white guys are rocking hibiscus print? The reason is exactly as fucked up as you’d expect.

Is there any other race in America we are permitted to smear and accuse in such a cavalier and casual way? Of course not. But, these are White Devils we’re talking about. Complete degradation using hateful racism is permitted, nay, demanded.

It’s maddening to consider, but it’s only been a month since a bunch of folks who now seem to believe that police brutality is a reasonable response to peaceful protest got their underthings in a twist and took to city squares across the country–guns slung over their shoulders or cradled in their arms–to publicly whinge about being unable to get a haircut.

Speaking of that: Why is the coronavirus lockdown now cancelled? It seems to be cancelled merely because the left found it to be inconvenient with their rioting schedule.

Also known as “Leftist Church.”

Nevertheless, it’s true. And if you were paying attention to those demonstrations, you may have noticed a contingent of those 2A types wearing an unlikely garment: the Hawaiian shirt.

Ridiculous as it may seem, that’s no coincidence. In fact, all those aloha prints are designed to send a very clear message to folks with the right set of references: I am hoping for a second Civil War. Chilling? Fuck yes. But confounding, too.

You know who is explicitly attempting to provoke a violent revolution? That’s right– antifa admits this is their goal. They laugh at neoliberal efforts to repair a system, insisting that repairs are impossible and that the system must be burned to the ground.

But once again, we see the leftwing conducting actual revolutionary violence, with their pro-terrorist media allies pretending not to notice or actively supporting their efforts, and, to divert attention, they focus laser-like on a fringe group of right-wingers who stand accused of Wanting a Revolution or Civil War.

Not with taking any effort to bring it about. Not with committing crimes in service of violent revolution.

No — they merely Want it.

And once again: The media decides that this is obviously worse than what our violent revolutionary terrorist allies in antifa are actually doing.

“Appearing,” “signalling,” and “wanting” are now being criminalized into actual criminal acts while actual criminal acts –rioting, arson, looting, assassination of police and federal officials, aggravated assaults with intent to kill — are being decriminalized down to mere “protests.”

Should we deploy the military to quell these outbreaks of Appearing, Signalling, and Wanting?

At Yahoo “Life:” “Rightwing Shitheads Are Trying to Ruin Hawaiian Shirts Now.”

Say, did antifa shitheads ruin black hoodies and black pants? No? They didn’t?

Weird how the antifa terrorists’ uniform of choice remains untainted. As if antifa were… heroes to the wimpy cowards and Keyboard Kommandos of the media who wish they had the guts to get down on to the streets and throw a brick at a cop.

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