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14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed, who made headlines last week after he was arrested for bringing a homemade clock into school, has already received praise from a number of familiar names such as Barack Obama and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Now, to Mohamed’s further delight, tech giants Microsoft have pledged their allegiance to the whizz-kid in generous fashion. The multinational technology firm expressed their support for Ahmed, not through kind words, but by sending the young engineer a huge hamper of tech goodies, including a Cube 3D printer.

Mohamed, from Irving, Texas, was arrested when he brought a home-made clock into school to show his teacher. However, to the young innovator’s surprise, one member of staff thought the project suspicious, and police were called to the scene. The teen was questioned and taken into custody, with coppers identifying his seemingly innocent clock as a ‘hoax bomb’.

After being released without charge, the story of Mohamed’s misfortune quickly went viral, with many questioning the racial motivations behind the designer’s arrest and wondering how such an innocuous project could cause such a dramatic turn of events. Many posted messages of support for the youngster, with the hashtag #IStandwithAhmed eventually trending on Twitter. Some, however, were moresceptical about the schoolboy’s ‘invention’ and motivations.

Perhaps the most generous show of support for Mohamed has come from tech stalwarts Microsoft, who sent the young maker a bundle of gifts, including a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, a Microsoft Band, a Cube 3D printer, a Raspberry Pi, and a subscription to Microsoft Office 365. Although additive manufacturing isn’t yet on the curriculum at MacArthur High School, it is surely only a matter of time before for Mohamed is able to 3D print further impressive timepieces.

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