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Welcome back to Day 969 of the Biden* Occupation! We’re back in full swing, so let’s get right to the crazy! But first a trip into The Wayback Machine of last month…

8/17 – Those EV Shortcomings Aren’t Shortcomings at All

Not a bug, but a feature

8/29 – Big BasedCon Based Book Sale

I just learned of this via The Other McCain a few days ago. Come out and help authors who don’t hate us Normals!

9/1 – Book Review: A Libertarian In The Tropics

No, it’s not Jimmy Buffet, who was hardly Libertarian – it’s actually about Cuban exile Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand

9/1 – Subsidizing Our Own Demise and Other Disturbing Mollycoddling

Yet another front for where our tax dollars are being used to fund our own demise

9/4 – UN Origins of “ESG” Scam Exposed by Financial Insider

I am shocked! Shocked!

9/4 – They’re Coming for Your Children

Yes, I beat this drum nearly every week. But it keeps going and getting worse.

9/5 – Why White Ethnics Left Newark

Spoiler: It wasn’t racism

9/7 – 9/11: Islam’s Holy War Against America Continues, 2001-2023

And winning. Here is the latest win Sundown Joe* handed them.

9/7 – NFL stadium unleashes ‘robodog’ security robot armed with night vision and facial-recognition software: Stadium owners say ‘our fans just love it’

There was a time I’d be annoyed at this, but the NFL continues to publicly endorse racial division in 2023. Support them and plan to get more of this.

9/8 – Elon Musk Explains How Real World Works to Anti-Cop Democrat Who Was Carjacked: ‘Pampered Ones Forget Why Police Exist’

And that change won’t come until more of this happens to our “ruling” class

9/8 – Too late and no apologies: Hospital begs fired workers who refused mRNA vaccines to come back to work 2 years later

It’s like the sound of a thousand voices saying, LOLGF!”

9/9 – STEM Majors Can No Longer Do Calculus

Don Henley was a prophet.

9/10 – Travesty: Why is John Eastman even on trial?

Welcome to the New Normal. And it doesn’t change until the lawyers and lawmakers hit The Radical Left in exactly the same way. And it will only get worse until then.

9/11 – The actual truth behind the so-called “hidden figures” of the early space race

Sorry, needed some different that the usual 9/11 fare. I enjoyed the movie, but I’m unsurprised with today’s Hollywood. Stay on strike.

9/11 – Democrats Lash Out At Youngkin For Pardoning Father Of Loudoun Rape Victim

Yep, Virginia Democrats are now officially pro-rape.


More insanity from y state. Sweetheart, if you’re putting something out publicly it’s not “maliciously leaked.”

9/13 – Mitt Romney Not Running for Reelection in 2024: ‘New Generation of Leaders’

Finally, some good news! The Bee wasted no time on this story – Democrats Scramble To Find Replacement For Retiring Mitt Romney

9/14 – Is Governor Grisham’s order suspending the Second Amendment a trial balloon?

Yes. This reminds me of Biden’s* Pedo Hitler speech in Philly a year ago. The radicals are carefully testing the boundaries for what they can get away with.

9/14 – The Tool Who Governs New Mexico Has Handed Patriots a Potent New Tool

There may be a ton of snark in this column, but Kurt Schlichter is dead on in offering a solution to Grisham’s actions.

9/15 – From ‘Pedophile Rights’ to ‘Transgender Rights’

Believe it or not this is actually a positive story. It’s about masks coming off, and we need a lot more

ICYMI – And judging by the hit count you did! I recounted The Blue Ridge Fyre Festival II: When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around

And while I was among the many who mourned the loss of Jimmy Buffet, the one that hit me way harder was the death of Robbie Robertson from The Band back in August.

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