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Welcome back everybody! So… did anything interesting happen while I was away? So here we are on Day 962 of the Biden* Occupation, and we’re easing back in to these wrap ups with another relatively light post this week. Let’s get to the crazy, starting with a some hits from over the summer:

9/6 – ‘Stacy on the Right’ Interviews the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump (AUDIO)

Full disclosure – Stacy is part of a network I run in. Congrats on scoring the interview, Stacy!

7/29 – Media Hoax: No, a Nebraska Teen Is Not Going to Jail For Having an Abortion

9/1 – The Death of #MeToo: ‘To Be Fair, It Was Never Actually About Helping Women’

The Other McCain brings up the lie of The Radical Left’s “No Nukes” argument from the 80s. I vaguely remember it, and offer two more recent examples: Remember 20 years ago when we saw those anti-Bush protests masquerading as anti war protests? You remember, it was the protest movement that mysteriously evaporated in January 2009 with the arrival of the Hopey Changey Savior? Or how about the “All we want to do is get married?” argument that leads to a more accurate description. Any Leftist argument that starts with “All we want is…” simply needs to add at the end “…to get to the next step toward a radical end point.”

It’s time to stop giving Leftist arguments any benefit of the doubt.

9/3 – Rolling Stone claims Neo Nazis rallying in Florida are Ron DeSantis supporters, but video PROVES that’s absolutely not true

9/5 – Megan Rapinoe: Symbol for Our Age

9/5 – What the Burning Man ‘emergency’ reveals about the class divide

9/6 – This Is Extremely Dangerous’: Inside the Biden Administration’s Push To Swap Science for ‘Indigenous Knowledge’

9/6 – YouTube Punishes Channel For ‘Harmful And Dangerous’ Video Quoting Hillary Clinton

9/6 – Meet the Avowed Marxist Who Decides What Books Go in Your School Library

Karlyn Borsynko is a Vlogger you need to follow. You might not like her, as she’s a red-pilled Leftist who still hasn’t figured out why she took the red pill. But she does some damned fine work, especially on fighting Big Education. This might  be her finest work.

9/7 – Some interesting sidenotes to Larry Sinclair’s tale of sex and drugs with Obama

Um… Just read it. Creepy. Which leads to a bizarre question – Is Jimmy Carter really the last Democrat President who wasn’t  sexual deviant?

9/8 – Trans Travel Guide – Canada warns 2SLGBTQI+ persons about traveling outside of Canada – especially in the Unites States.

Friendly advice, Trudeau – this is not the own you think it is

ICYMI – and from the hit counts you probably did! I published a few posts while I was offline:

The Radical Left Are Literarily Coming for Our Children

Reparations: Calculating The Costs vs The Choices

On a Wing and a Prayer and Mrs. Maisel Season 5: Even When Hollywood Gets it Right they Get it Wrong

Stop Dunking on this Crazy YouTube Woman – Dunk on this One Instead!

Telemarketers: When the Scammer Get Scammed

Even though I’m back I probably won’t be joining in the comments – by the time you read this I’ll be on the road for a short getaway. I’ll be back on soon enough – have a great weekend!

Brother Bob is no longer on Facebook (although you can see his archives there), and is back on Twitter again, but is ramping up on Minds and Gab, as well as Parler and GETTR, and has his biggest presence on MeWe.

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