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It was just fine when Biden’s open-door flood of illegal aliens was overwhelming Texas. It’s just Texas, after all. Biden smugly making Texas bear the burden of millions of illegals was terrific. Liberal idiots in New York and Chicago were blathering on about how they were sanctuary cities- right up until they were forced to become sanctuary cities. Then OMG things went sideways. Eric Adams made very clear what a flaming hypocritical moron he is:

(Bloomberg) — In August 2022, after greeting one of the first buses of immigrants arriving in New York City with handshakes and boxes of food, Mayor Eric Adams pledged officials would set “the right tone of being here for these families.”

A year later, that tone has shifted dramatically. Adams is warning of dire consequences for the city after 110,000 arrivals. He’s begging the federal government for money, telling migrants at the border not to come and demanding state officials find other places to house those who arrive anyway.

“Let me tell you something New Yorkers: Never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to. I don’t see an ending to this,” Adams said at a town hall meeting this week, lamenting the 10,000 people pouring into the Big Apple every month. “This issue will destroy New York City.”

His big words are being shoved down his big bloody mouth. Now he’s crapping his pants about the cost of his phony largesse and worried that NYC will be destroyed. But Adams is worried not for New Yorkers, but his own ass. Adams had the gall to call Greg Abbott a “madman” for sharing the illegal alien wealth with the cretinous mayor of the Big Apple. Adams has begun shipping the illegals to outlying New York counties who now suffer for the financial burden and accompanying crime.

Over in Chicago, the land of unimaginable things- that Chicagoans are so inconceivably stupid that they could elect someone freaking worse than Lori Lightfoot- illegal aliens are turning O’Hare airport into something out of “Mad Max.”

Recently arrived migrants sit on cots and the floor of a makeshift shelter operated by the city at O'Hare International Airport on Aug. 31, 2023. (Armando L. Sanchez/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Thanks to a flood of Joe Biden’s illegal aliens, Chicago’s O’Hare Airport looks like a “scene from Mad Max,” says a local reporter. Mad Max is a dystopian movie franchise set in the near future after the breakdown of society.

“More than 400 [illegals] are reportedly being housed in a section of the airport, hidden from public view behind black curtains,” reports Fox News. This is a jump from 31 in early August.Chicago reporter William Kelly told Fox News that O’Hare is just one of “18 migrant shelters in Chicago and that homeless Americans are no longer allowed to stay at the airport.”

Get a load of this…

Former Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot booted the homeless from O’Hare due to citizen complaints. But now, illegals are allowed to stay there.

Those brain-dead Chicagoans are now whining about the galactically stupid choice of President they made

It’s getting so bad that even up to now comatose dumbass democrat politicians, their own asses in electoral jeopardy, are voicing concern about the crisis

The voters’ increasing concern about the immigration crisis reflected in the poll has not been lost on Democratic lawmakers.

Rep. Pat Ryan (D-N.Y.), who narrowly won election in New York’s 19th District, called on Biden to take charge of the deteriorating situation at the border.

“The No. 1 thing I learned as an Army officer: When in charge, take charge,” Ryan said. “We are in a crisis, the president is in charge, and he and his team need to take charge.”

Josh Riley, a New York Democratic congressional candidate, said Biden’s “aloofness” on the border issue is “offensive,” calling it a “federal problem” that requires a federal response. “I think President Biden needs to get his act together and help solve it,” he said. His campaign website says that “Our immigration system is completely broken, and it needs to be fixed in a way that upholds both the law and our values.”

But now our mentally addled leader is considering a solution to the woes of blue states. Is to shut off the broken water main of illegal invasion?

Of course not.

He’s likely to order illegals to remain in Texas.

President Joe Biden is reportedly considering a plan to require illegal aliens with dubious asylum claims to remain in Texas — a move that would see the Lone Star State absorb tens of thousands of illegal aliens every week.

Biden administration officials who spoke anonymously to the Los Angeles Times said the plan is being considered so that if newly arrived border crossers fail their initial asylum screenings, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents can more easily locate and deport the illegal aliens within Texas since they would be close to the United States-Mexico border.

The move reeks of political favoritism and a nod to Trump’s remain in Mexico policy.

An added benefit for blue state governors and blue city mayors, such as New York City’s Eric Adams, is that the Biden administration would use the Remain in Texas program to shield sanctuary states and cities from waves of illegal immigration that have spurred chaos in recent months.

He has done NOTHING to try limit the invasion and everything he can to weaken the border

A fixture of the Biden administration’s lax enforcement of federal immigration law has been to oppose policies that seek to limit the movement of border crossers and illegal aliens — opting for an expansive Catch and Release network that has released millions into American communities in the last two and a half years.

But who gives a bloody feck about Texas, right? After all, it’s a red state.

I wish the Americans would effing wake up. Joe Biden is a corrupt goddam moron who cares about himself and no one else- certainly not me and damn sure not you either. He’s a f**king a******.

And here’s a bonus from what could not be a more dim-witted set of women

Damn you Biden voters for what he’s doing to this country.

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