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This isn’t a new story, but as I’m near the end of my annual  Dave Rubin inspired “August News Cleanse” this makes for a good topic for a lighter traffic holiday weekend. A few months back a video emerged of a childless woman (CW) who appears to be in her mid-late 30s lamenting that she’s missed her opportunity to have a family, biologically and financially. For this post I’ll use the video & commentary from Black Conservative Perspective. It opens with one of Chelsea Handler’s crass videos about how wonderful her childless, self absorbed existence is. It then goes on to CW as a contrast. Let’s get the Handler part out of the way up front – she’s a very pretty middle aged Hollywood celebrity. Also Hollywood wealthy, she no doubt has no trouble getting attention or companionship from men. Looks don’t last, and wealth may or may not. Her videos dredged up a random memory from the 90s of Steve Buscemi getting interviewed on Howard Stern, and Steve telling Stern’s listeners about when he first started in Hollywood he got fellated by Mae West. West might have been the unofficial first Hollywood Vixen from its earliest days. Do an online search as to how old both were during Buscemi’s said incident, and try to not cringe. My point of this bizarre sidebar is that this anecdote looks like Handler’s inevitable fate. Enough about Handler.

CW delivers a painful, gut wrenching video about her plight. And the comments sections on any version you watch of her video are ruthless. At first I was alongside them, but then I watched her video a few more times. And while my initial reactions were that she was a selfish woman who drove a good man away, after a few re-watchings I wasn’t so sure. Or more accurately, I had no idea if she was the heroine or the villain of her story. Maybe she was a Chelsea Handler and deserves her hitting the wall. Or maybe she wasn’t?  The facts CW lays out are vague, and it’s possible that her guy was at fault. Or maybe she’s among many Gen-X women who fell for the “Sex in the City” myth that a woman could spend her 20s & 30s living like a harlot and find fulfillment. Regardless, we don’t know who is at fault for CW’s fate, and I’m pulling back any judgement without any additional info.

Enough unhappiness, let’s get to the fun part! Another video made the rounds, featuring another attractive Lefty Woman (LW) who is lamenting how she wants to date a man who lives by Normal values but shares her Leftist politics. The Vlogger Mr. Reagan does a great job of skewering her. There’s no need to spend a lot of time on her, and we can sum up her perspective as “I want man who treats me like a normal man would, while being the kind of spineless twerp who will agree with my radical 3rd wave feminist ideas”. Sorry sweetheart, but you’re looking for a unicorn. The “men” who share your radical politics aren’t exactly husband/father material. And the guys who will treat you like a lady probably won’t share your views on mutilating children or us Normals having to eat bugs so John Kerry can fly his private jet to Climastrology conferences. It’s also now scientifically proven, being a Leftist makes you ugly.

But since I like to end on a positive note, let’s close out with something we Normals can celebrate! A recent story surfaced of a Climastrologist screening out men she might date by broadcasting her deep Climastrology beliefs. The instinctive reaction is to dunk, but I say we should thank her. Granted, this is a bit personal, but I once dated a Climastrologist who wound up dumping me for not sharing her religious views. However annoyed I was at the time, I came to realize that she did me a huge favor for obvious reasons. This breakup would also set in motion a series of events that would lead me to Sister Babe, so things worked out. At least for me.

And CW, don’t give up hope. I’m guessing you’re not too far in age from what Sister Babe was when we met. Yes, you have an uphill battle but it’s not too late. And use your new infamy as a platform to get out the word. Talk to the younger women in the generation following you. If your generation was sold a somewhat shallow existence, at least you were hanging out with men. You never had to hear about Toxic Masculinity and Trigger Warnings, unlike young women today. They need help, and you can do it better than I can.

The Week in Radical Leftism will return next week. I’ll actually be busy that day and will dial up another quicky. Looking forward to talking to everyone again! – BB

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