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As expected, Fulton County DA Fani Willis indicted Donald Trump and 18 others. There are a number of curiosities that jump right out at you.

  1. The charges against Trump and friends were leaked and published before the Grand Jury was done.  Willis claimed that the posted charges were erroneous but they proved to be accurate. This suggests that the fix was in long ago.
  2. These charges could have been filed long ago. Willis is asking for a trial in about six months, which overlaps nicely with Jack Smith’s trial dates and wants everyone tried together.
  3. One of the charges is ” violating the state’s racketeering act” which makes this very odd:

4. Another charge is “Conspiracy to Commit Impersonating a Public Officer.” That is exactly what Hunter Biden’s legal team did. Why were they not charged?

5. Yet another charge is “Solicitation of Violation of Oath by a Public Officer.” Also exactly what hunter Biden’s legal team did.

6. Then there’s this

7. Denying election results is not a crime. here’s 24 minutes of democrats do just that without any recourse.

8. Here’s a great takedown from Margot Cleveland

THREAD on GA Indictment: Read entire indictment last night & basic reaction was there were different buckets and only one that could hold anything–false statements to grand jury/legislature. If intentional false statements to grand jury, yes crime. I’d think same 1/

2/ re legislature but would need to check GA law. BUT for both, defendants need intent, not mistaken. The other bucket was RICO (racketeering influence corruption organization-or something) conspiracy crime which can’t hold water b/c it is premised on false assumption

3/ everyone knew Trump lost & tried to steal election, while evidence is that Defendants believed election was tainted & sought constitutional method of addressing that. Might have been imprudent, constitutionally unsound, but it wasn’t crime.

Read it all.

I don’t think this is the slam dunk Big Fani Willis thinks it is.



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