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Welcome back to Day 920 of America held hostage by the Biden* occupation! Being in catchup mode after vacation this will be another light commentary week, no skimping on content though!

6/25 – Angel Mom Sabine Durden-Coulter (short video)

7/1 – Women Under Sharia

7/17 – Lost In TransNation: Dangers Of The Gender Journey (Podcast)

7/17 – This AI Watches Millions Of Cars Daily And Tells Cops If You’re Driving Like A Criminal

7/18 – Trial Date Set in Landmark Lawsuit on Medical Killing and Informed Consent

7/18 – As White House Limits Access to Press Briefings, Daily Signal Reporter Loses Credentials

7/18 – According to Joe, Americans Are Worth 12¢

7/18 – Americans Must Stop International Takeover of U.S. Lands

7/18 – Don’t Believe CNBC’s Fake News

7/19 – Woke ‘Barbie’ Drowns In Feminism, Lectures

7/20 – “DEATH COUNTY” – OUR NATIONAL LAUNCH CAMPAIGN. Tom Trento provides details. (short video)

7/20 – The Daily Skirmish – COVID Vaccines and the Case Against Technocracy

7/20 – Coming Soon to a Country Near You: More Nations Rolling Out Digital IDs and Making Them Mandatory for Citizens To Access Bank Accounts

7/22 – The Opposition To Bug Cuisine Is Winning!

7/23 – EXCLUSIVE: FBI Carried Out Warrantless Monitoring on Man Who Posted Guns for Sale on Facebook

7/24 – Big Labor Meets Arabella: A Coalitional Case Study

7/25 – New J6 Video Suggests Capitol Police Officer Lied ‘Repeatedly’ About Injuries: Julie Kelly

I am shocked! Shocked!

7/25 – Senate candidate Hung Cao’s campaign shows how you make a good political ad

More of this. Lots more

7/26 – Every Electric Car You Buy Will Fund Al Qaeda

And help China. I’ll say this for the Chinese, they do know how to get a return on their investments.

7/27 – The DEI Dieback

As they say at Ace of Spades, “You can afford DEI in a Trump economy – you can’t afford it in a Biden* economy.”

7/28 – Blinken Gets Subpoenaed as Military Officers Testify There Was No Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan

Yep! We’ve officially reached the point where a military withdrawl disaster that makes Saigon look like a victory doesn’t even register as a blip on the radar compared to the rest of the Biden* scandals – it doesn’t get much more 2023 than that!

ICYMI – In place of last week’s TWIRL, I logged Family Bob’s Traveling Behind the Maple Curtain

Have a great weekend!

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