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Welcome back to Day 892 of America held hostage by the Biden* occupation! With many folks starting their vacations over this weekend this post will follow its usual vacation weekend pattern of light on commentary; no skimping on the content though – onward!

6/6 – Norway Bans Child Sex Mutilations (Gender-Affirming Surgery), joins Finland, Sweden, and UK in Rejecting Gender Ideology

6/18 – ‘Rob Schneider: Woke Up in America’ Torches Trans Overreach

6/19 – The Enemy Within: Collapsing The U.S. From Inside And Why The US Government Is Allowing All These Illegal Aliens And Immigrants (Podcast)

6/20 – Behind The Deep State | BlackRock Driving Business Into The Arms of The New World Order | Part One

6/21 – The untold ‘complicated’ history of Russia’s relationship with Crimea could be the spark that ignites WWIII: The West ignores this history to its own peril

6/22 – DeSantis to start launching new policy proposals next week

6/22 – How to Disrupt Media Groupthink: Train the Next Generation of Conservative Journalists

6/23 – We Know What Will Happen If the Supreme Court Strikes Down Affirmative Action

6/24 – Welcome to the World of Postmodern Medicine


Deceptive headline – the use of past tense suggests Barry O ever stopped bringing the Race Card

6/26 – An Anti-Gun Pledge for Law Students

6/27 – Humans Will Go Extinct… So Why Are We Still Here?

6/28 – Norway’s Wealth Tax Is Backfiring. Are Americans Paying Attention?

Raising taxes can have unexpected consequences and not work out as our leaders assure they will? This sounds like a point somebody raised a decade ago…

6/29 – Surprise: Heavier EVs Will Damage Roads Twice As Much As Gas Vehicles

Wasn’t there a section of the printed version of The Godfather where this was actually a scheme that the Mafia used between overweight trucks and them owning the paving companies responsible for repair?

6/30 – Radical Son

ICYMI – I dropped a quick  post yesterday asking Was a National Digital ID Imposed While Nobody was Watching?

Have a great weekend and Happy Independence Day!

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