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Welcome back to Day 885 of America held hostage by the Biden* occupation! This week’s post will be slightly different, as by the time you’re reading this we’ll be wrapping up a mini vacation. So given how busy the week has been I decided to use this week’s post as a “cleaning out the folder” week, going through the way too many browser tabs I have open and dropping them in this week’s summary. Many of them warrant their own post, but as always it’s the time constraint. So on to the crazy:

3/26 – A Re-Declaration of Independence

4/1 – In Defense of Stupidity

4/5 – Please, Let the Blue Cities and States Die

4/12 – Reversing The Destruction of a Generation

4/14 – Healthy at any size? No, it’s better to be obese

4/18 – Big Pharma is Coming for Your Food

This is one that really needs a post of its own. You have to hand it to Big Pharma for coming up with creative ways to force their drugs into the population

4/17 – The Taco Truck Delusion

4/18 – First Things Offers Masterclass In Showing No Quarter To Cancellation Attempts

4/18 – Just how callous can these clueless, heartless Democrats be!

5/16 – Operation Surgical Strike!

5/19 – How A Flawed IMF Study Would Rob You Of Credit Card Benefits

5/20  – 1 in 3 Female Recruits Injured in Army Basic Training

5/21 – Former Pfizer VP Dr. Mike Yeadon says COVID-19 pandemic never really happened as was claimed

5/23 – Alert: TSA Now Wants Your Biometric Data at These 25 Airports

6/12 – If You Are Struggling to Define ‘Woke,’ a Viral Ad From RedBalloon Makes it Child’s Play

6/13 – When Your Local Government Goes Broke

6/14 – More Artists Self-Censor to Avoid Woke Mob

6/15 – ‘All I Wanted Was a Pepsi’

Yes, this is one of those stories that makes the cut just for a great headline.

6/19 – Schwarzenegger Once Again Compares Jan. 6 to Kristallnacht

6/19 – Heisenberg’s Revenge

H/T Kitt for the header image

Have a great weekend!

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