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Welcome back to Day 871 of America held hostage by the Biden* regime! On to the crazy, but first we jump into the Wayback Machine all the way back to April:

4/23 – Global Nightmare as UN Seeks Total Power in “Crises”: Alex Newman on OAN (Video)

2020 and The Fauci Flu was the test run.

5/18 – Will Rob Reiner, De Niro Apologize for Russian Collusion Hoax?

(In Ron Howard’s “Arrested Development Narrator” voice) Actually, they didn’t.

5/20 – CCP Biological Warfare (Video)

More on Fauci’s worker bees.

5/20 – Georgetown professor Jonathan Brown again justifies Islam’s acceptance of slavery

Maybe this should be read aloud at every speech calling for Reparations (TM)

5/23 – LifeWise Academy Brings Bible-based Education to Public School Students During School Hours

There was a time when I would have been vehemently opposed to this. But if The Radical Left’s religions of Climastrology, LGBQWERTY Culture, Marxism, etc. are allowed to be taught in public schools, I’m perfectly fine with equal representation.


You can’t take away the 1st Amendment until you remove the 2nd.

5/25 – Biden to end familial DNA testing at the border, opening way for large-scale child trafficking

Am I the only one waiting to learn of some Mexican oil company that’s been paying Hunter $50K / month as a board member?

5/30 – The Woke Sermon on the Mount

Too true to be funny.

6/1 – Globalists Plans to Engineer Global Famine and Starvation

I believe the quote goes, “Many of you will have to die, but we are willing to accept that cost.”

6/1 – Supreme Court Narrows Scope of Waters Protected by the Clean Water Act in Sackett v. EPA


6/1 – OK, Male Teen Identfies as a Girl Today and Goes into the Girls Lockeroom (Charlottesville, VA)

Yes, I know that these are now common stories, but it’s important to remind everyone how common this ridiculous phenomena has become.

6/2 – Democrats And The Marxist Media – “Keeping Blacks on the Plantation” (Video)

At least Democrats remain consistent.

6/2 – KDJ’s Afternoon Roundup: Farmer ‘Threatens’ to Shoot the Green Pinkos Trying to Steal His Land, Judge Doesn’t Blink

The all too rare good news


The latest sign that the tides of battle are slowly turning.

6/4 – Biden’s Unpopularity Mystifies the Media

In other news, media’s unpopularity mystefies the media.

6/5 – Extinction Rebellion Member and Initiator of ESG Wars Wants a Truce

This sounds like a call to fall back and regroup for the next offensive. I prefer Andrew Breitbart’s three word NSFW response.


While the Gaystapo remains powerful, it looks like the public opinion is turning. Corporate America would be wise to follow. This is an incredible opportunity for small businesses.

6/7 – Michele Bachmann On WHO Power Grab: ‘This Is Historic…We Will All Be Assigned A QR Code; This Is The End Of Government In The United States’ If Congress Doesn’t Act

And to too many in Congress, that’s a bug, not a feature.

6/8 – Vivek Ramaswamy for Vice President

No. Just no. 

6/9 – The Department of Education Declares War on Parents

Good to see the DOJ receiving much needed reinforcements.

Have a great weekend!

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