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Welcome back to Day 850 of the Biden* Occupation! Before we start, let’s jump into The Wayback Machine and the long lost days of last month:

4/14 – In The Left’s Game Of High-Stakes Blackjack, It’s Time For The Right To Double Down

The ” advice” at the end was sparser than I was hoping to see, but the post does a good job of showing how the Dems do exactly this tactic

4/26 – When to Stand Up (Video)

Short answer: Yesterday. Becasue history has show us that given where we’re going it won’t get any easier. I admit I’ve been guilty of these to some degrees, but I’ve been carefully picking battles to reverse this.

The link is to New Discourse’s web site, and the embedded video is hosted in YouTube. If you prefer to not give YT traffic, you can also watch on Odysee.

5/7 – SeXXX-Ed: Public Schools’ Dirty Secrets | Rebecca Friedrichs (podcast)

Yes, it is that bad.

5/8 – King Charles and Globalists Meet in September to accelerate Agenda 2030 and the Digitize Humanity

I miss the good old days when we Normals could have written this off as a conspiracy theory. In the coming months expect thought pieces in hard Lefty places like The Nation and rants on MSDNC calling for self-digitization. That will provide a weather vane for whether they push it before or after they steal the 2024 election.

5/9 – CCP-PLA Biological Warfare & Information Operations

Coming soon: Fauci Flu 2, Electric Boogaloo!

5/11 – Alabama Senator Blasts Lloyd Austin: ‘Most Political Secretary of Defense We’ve Ever Seen’

It all makes sense if you see these moves as the Military preparing for the enemy it plan to fight in the next war. Hint: it’s nobody outside our own borders – Part I

5/12 – Sustainable Development Part 2: Origins

Is anyone else noticing that if you look at what is physically needed to execute these Climastrology schemes, the one thing they absolutely are not is sustainable

5/12 – ‘Woke’ Pentagon Unites House Conservatives, Tuberville in Standoff Over Military Promotions

It all makes sense if you see these moves as the Military preparing for the enemy it plan to fight in the next war. Hint: it’s nobody outside our own borders – Part II

5/13 – Poll Gets Hidden When Trans Activists Don’t Like The Answers

As Chris Plante likes to say, “The most insiduous power the media has is the power to ignore.”

5/13 – Splash of Tea – Tea Party Spotlight with Chris Wright (long video)

If you thought the Tea Party movement was dead, well, it mostly is. Or more accurately, most of it has been absorbed by MAGA. Which is a double edged sword for the remaining Tea Partiers, as it means less harassment from the Feds. (This is my own take, not part of the vid)

Full disclosure: I work on some projects with Chris, and this video is longer than most that I post. But faithful readers know that I don’t link anything unless I think it’s worth your time. This interview gives a good look at the Tea Party’s history, some real talk, tough love, and (all too rare today) some practical advice.

5/14 – Deliver Us from Reality

How about some good news for a change? These days I’ll take anything we can get.

5/14 – The Counterattack of Reason

“Because they can.” So much for the good news.

5/15 – The federal government’s Catch-22 strategy to cover up its spying on Sharyl Attkisson

If you have any hope of anything substantial coming from the Durham Report, this should serve as the harsh dose of reality you need.

5/16 – Barack Obama Excited To Have You Gun Owning Peasants Re-Educated

It’s equally refreshing and disturbing that The Radical Left now feels comfortable enough to be completely honest about how much they hate us Normals

5/17 – The NYT: The Stupidest, Most-Ill-Educated Group In America — the Corporate Leadership Class — Begins to Realize That “Diversity Training,” Far From Healing Racial Rifts, Actually Causes Racial Division

Chalk this up in the “No (excrement), Sherlock” category.

5/18 – Ford’s “Redefining Tough” Commercial Features LGBT-Colored Truck

Meh. Back in 2008 I decided I’m never buying a car from any of the American car makers until they pay back every penny of bailout money they got. The shift to EVs that nobody wants tells me to not hold my breath.

5/19 – Oscars slammed over ‘ridiculous’ woke guidelines

Who cares? Why watch a bunch of wealthy (sphinchter muscles) crowing about how much they hate me to promote their unwatchable films? I’m actually old enough to remember when watchable movies got nominated for Best Picture.

ICYMI – Looking for a Happy Ending to the Latest Patriot Front Story? Here it is!

And I forgot to post this last week for Mothers’ Day, so a week late here is the heartwarming tale of a boy sticking up for his Mom.

Have a great weekend!

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