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If you haven’t already read it, on Sunday Dr. John posted a thorough account of the Feds’ favorite false flag operation with  Biden* sends in the Feds to stage a right wing racial hatred event. This will be a relatively light post, as there is little I can add to his analysis. But there are two points I have to add:

First, I found it curious that when I looked up Patriot Front (PF) on a few search engines, it did turn up some video results, but nothing in print. All of the latest results are from 2022. I even checked The Washington Compost’s page and searched directly – nothing past 2022. I have a feeling that this “Right Wing” protest got far more coverage in the Conservasphere than at outlets that never miss an opportunity to hype the “White Supremacy Danger” hoax. Why would this be? If I had to guess, since PF is useful to the regime to serve as a data source for their narrative, that would explain why they never get harassed by Antifa, BLM, or the police at their rallies. As we’ve seen in various cities, when BLAMtifa shows up to harass the local citizens, the police just stand back and watch, only intervening if any of the Normals push back. In essense, law enforcement is now serving as BLAMtifa’s armed reserves. The last part of the lack of coverage is that the Feds can’t want too much scrutiny being placed on PF, as anyone with three functioning brain cells can recognize them as a false flag operation. Joe Rogan even had a good time roasting these guys. So where is the good news?

I take you to the current top headline at Ace of Spades’ side bar:

Proof the Patriot Front are Leftist sock puppets? Video claims to be of “right wing” Patriot Front group returning from a march to discover their personal vehicles vandalized. Take a look at the beginning when they are exiting their U-Haul truck. US flags are rolled up and stored in a heap on the floor. The Patriot Front members simply walk all over the flags with no respect or regard for them. Would any pro America “right wing” group ever desecrate the US flag in this way?

Ace also links to the video over at Reddit, and it is eleven glorious minutes that will put a smile on almost every face. Seriously, I’m not kidding about that. Whether you scroll down to the comments on Reddit or in the YouTube video, the top rated comments are all supportive. This is where it gets interesting – while I’m sure if you drill down into the replies some nasty disagreement is guaranteed, every top line comment is praising Antifa vandalising the Glowies. The Lefties are too dumb to realize that this is actually a friendy fire incident for them, while we Normals are happy to see a bunch of Feds abusing their position for a disgusting psy-op getting what they deserve. Apologies for invoking Godwin’s Law, but this feels like watching the SS lamenting how they got vandalized by the Brown Shirts while they were running one of their psy ops.

The best part of it is that the video captures quite a bit of license plate info of the Glowies involved. While I am absolutely and unequivically condemning any efforts to dox the feds who own those vehicles, I would be very happy to see the names, and just their names, exposed. Given how the Durham Report was received, I have no delusions of any real action coming of this, but every bit that exposes the regime helps to end its reign.

Every bit helps. So to all of you 4Chan crazies out there, here is your chance to do something good. Help us expose this corruption.

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