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Welcome back to Day 824 of the Biden* regime!

4/30 – PART 1 The CFR Wants Us to Meet Vivek Ramaswamy

Dang it, and I was just starting to like Ramaswamy. Part of me wants to just expose his roots publicly and let him into some minor leadership role, as he does a great job of articulating Conservative principles. Then I look at how quickly Crenshaw and Haley went Full Establishment and reached the sad conclusion that we have to strangle these red diaper babies early and often.

5/1 – IS FREEDOM DEAD? Exposing Digital ID, Social Governance, ESG, Climate Censorship, and E.O. 12898 (long podcast)

There are no unimportant issues these days. Digital ID is one of the bigger ones.

5/4 – Artificial Intelligence to Replace Teachers: Bill Gates

Before you go to spike the football, remember who will be programming the AI that will replace teachers,

5/5 – Pro-Life Pediatricians Reveal Full Story Behind Cyberattack

This is another piece of the abortion debate that The radical Left completely ignores. The Hate Crimes (TM) that their side commits can’t be ignored.

5/6 – Randi Weingarten Goes Mega-Karen After Twitter Community Notes Expose Lockdown Lies

Now that we’re seeing The Radical Left entering the “We never called for that!” stage of being on the wrong side of lockdowns, vaxxing, school closures, etc, I’m seeing the point where we’ll know we’re truly winning the culture wars: It will be when The Radical Left starts howling that they were never in favor of mutilating kids and that normalizing child r@pe  was actually always a Republican idea.

5/7 – ‘DISGUSTING’: Comer to hold press briefing on Biden family business dealings

I’d like to be more optimistic, but realistically how do we deal with an FBI who sees it’s top job as protecting the Biden* Crime Family?

5/8 – 1 in 4 Canadians Agree With Euthanizing the Poor

Today’s long distance dedication goes out to the prescient Jello Biafra, who saw the future four decades ago.

5/9 – DHS Wants You to Snitch on Pro-Life Moms and ‘Anti-Government’ Neighbors

And The Radical Left wonders why we Normals don’t share their blind trust of big government

5/9 – The Culture War Isn’t The Most Important Issue Of 2024, It’s The Only Issue

THIS. As much as I like Kari Lake, she absolutely whiffed on this. The culture war is how we got here, and it is our only way back.

5/10 – The Next Frontier For The Hypersexualized Left: Normalizing Pedophilia

Two decades ago I had the position of being OK with Civil Unions but opposing gay marriage out of respect to the religions (still do). When I aksed an old friend of mine “Where does it end?” all he could respond with was “F*** ’em! Civil Rights Movement!” Now that were legalizing pedophelia and bestiality, I’d be intersted to hear what my buddy has to say. Actually, I wouldn’t. He moved a few years ago and at that time it looked like Leftism was making him quite insane. So I’ll just let Razorfist give my brief, NSFW response. No… this issue deserves the ten hour extended cut.

5/11 – The runaway success of ‘The Chosen’ is starting to make heads spin in Hollywood

I haven’t seen Season 3 yet, but I can vouch that the first two seasons are excellent. Even though Jesus is the obvious star of the show, what I liked best was how the stories humanize the Apostles. The Chosen is streaming on some of the paid services, such as Peacock, Prime, and Netflix. It’s also free on the BYU TV and Tubi.

5/12 – Secret Emails Reveal Biden Admin Faked China Spy Balloon Outrage

The sad part is that under a normal presidency this would be a massive scandal. Welcome to the Biden* years, where by comparison Chines spying and appeasement is minor compared to the rest of his scandals.

ICYMI – I had some fun pointing out how Of Course The Washington Post Gets the Bud Light Story Completely Wrong

Have a great weekend!

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