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E Jean Carroll helped push through a change in NY state law so that she could sue Donald Trump with the help of a major democrat donor.

DC Draino via Twitter:

The statue of limitations for sexual assault in NY is typically 5-7 years. New York even has a 20 year period for civil claims of sexual assault But that wasn’t enough to get Trump – Jean Carroll’s claims go back to the mid 90s So NY amended the law in 2022 to provide unlimited statue of limitations for civil claims of sexual assault and provided a 1 year window where preexisting claims could be litigated.

That’s where Jean Carroll comes in Funded by a Democrat activist, she filed her claim against Trump in that limited window and even a liberal New York jury wouldn’t find Trump liable for rape. People paying attention know what this truly is Another political attack to try and harm Trump before the 2024 election.

She’s even on video admitting it

And that major democrat donor? Reid Hoffman

Billionaire LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman funded E. Jean Carroll’s prosecution alleging former President Donald Trump raped her, through a nonprofit group the major Democratic donor backs; now that a jury has found Trump guilty of sexual abuse, some have questioned Hoffman’s role in the process—here’s what it looked like.

  • Carroll’s legal battle was funded by American Future Republic, a nonprofit group primarily backed by Hoffman, her lawyers disclosed last month.
  • Hoffman’s involvement in the case came to light after Roberta Kaplan, Carroll’s lawyer, disclosed Hoffman’s role to the Trump legal team, who then sent a letter to the judge claiming the connection to Hoffman, a big Democratic donor, called into question Carroll’s motives for suing.
  • The judge allowed Trump’s defense team to question Carroll about Hoffman’s funding, after Trump’s defense pointed out an October deposition in which Carroll testified no one else was paying her legal fees.
  • On the first day of the trial, in a since deleted Truth Social post, Trump claimed Carroll’s team attempted to hide the case was “financed by a big political donor.”

  • Dmirtri Mehlhorn, one of Hoffman’s philanthropic advisors, said they provide third-party funding to legal efforts to “protect our citizens from violent threats,” and in those cases the “clients generally do not know our identity.”
  • While Hoffman is known for his work founding LinkedIn, he’s also a big Democratic donor, funding a number of Democratic causes, candidates and legal battles, including civil lawsuits filed by the victims of the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, according to a post on LinkedIn.

Poppy Harlow to Carroll: “Were it not for that law, you never would’ve been able to bring this case”

It’s highly disturbing that established law is altered specifically to enable the prosecution of a single individual- Donald Trump. Some might even call that persecution.

And grounds for appeal.

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