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Near as I can figure, Biden is a drug cartel asset.

On May 11 the floodgates of hell open. Actually, they’re already open. Joe Biden and Alejandro Mayorkas are working hand in hand with the human traffickers and drug smugglers along the border. They have posted exactly what they intend to do and not do and where it will and won’t be done.

And they’re very explicit

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin, who has been all over this for some time, wonders what the hell is going on:

Check this out- if there isn’t enough shelter space, they’ll just be released:

The Border Patrol Union is rather disturbed that the President of the United States is working against them

The invasion is underway right now

The next pandemic is very likely to originate with Biden’s illegals

In addition to the coronavirus, he also expressed alarm about those arriving from countries who hadn’t been vaccinated for polio or the chickenpox and were coming from countries with high rates of infectious tuberculosis.

“Many people who recently arrived in NYC have lived in or traveled through countries with high rates of TB,” he wrote in an April 11 letter to physicians and health care providers.

“I am writing now to underscore how critical it is that health care providers take a wide range of considerations into account when working with” foreign nationals arriving from the southern border, he urged.

Everyone arriving must be screened for diseases and viruses, Vasan said, stating that “Vaccination rates for certain diseases are low in some of the most common countries of origin, with rates hovering around 50% for polio as an example.”

This a**hole continues to flat out lie

I don’t understand why anyone even shows up to listen to this buffoon

While asserting that Republicans have done nothing about the border, Raggedy Anne said that Biden would veto the border security bill proposed the GOP. El Paso is in crisis mode and it’s only going to get worse.

I’ll tell you what- I am convinced in a couple of things

  1. Biden wants to destroy this country
  2. The big guy is getting 10% of cartel money

Joe Biden is derelict of duty. He has shredded the southern border. Whose side if he on? It sure as hell isn’t  America.

I cannot believe anyone is so goddam stupid as to support this foreign asset. Tomorrow and all that follows cannot come fast enough.



F them all.

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