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Has anyone else noticed what seems to be a disturbing trend among Right of Center journalists & pundits? There was a time when what I’m about to write would come off a pure tinfoil hattery, but… well, welcome to 2023.

First we start with James O’Keefe. Back in February he was forced out by the board at Veritas back in February. The “reason” was a claim over how much O’Keefe had been spending in his fundraising efforts. While their claim that James was spending significant money was verified by James, the return on investment made it worthwhile. I know that Veritas lost subscribers and funding thanks to the move, while O’Keefe seems to have landed on his feet.

Anyone reading this knows the the story of TuCa being forced out by Fox News, but it also appears that Fox News is trying to keep him under contract, but off the air through the 2024 election. Megyn Kelly wasted no time challenging the smear campaign that Fox launched against him. We also have bizarre claims from what looks like a disgruntled underperformer. As of today there’s buzz that Newsmax might be offering Carlson not only a show, but ownership of the network. Take rumors for what they are, but Tuca will have no trouble when he decides what his next move is, even though Fox is now trying to trash TuCa by leaking “offensive” off air clips to DNC media outlets.

Before I get to Crowder, I also want to point out that Dan Bongino also recently left Fox News. While Bongino is not as big as the other names here, he’s someone I always saw as a “generic Conservative”. And that’s not meant as an insult, merely that I don’t tune him out like I do with Mark Levin (I like the content, can’t handle his angry delivery on the radio), I don’t make a point to tune him in, either (like I might with Chris Plante or Larry O’Conner) – just a solid radio host. But Dan is also no Vichy Republican, unlike the former Conservatives from The National Review who now write for The Washington Post as controlled opposition. And he’s one less genuine Conservative voice in a prominent role.

Steven Crowder’s story may be the most dramatic. He left Blaze TV a few months ago amid failed contract talks, then stirred up controversy by recording a contract negotiation call between him and Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boering. Some back and forth afterward left neither side looking good. I also recall on one of his shows Crowder acknowledging that he didn’t handle his departure from Fox News years ago (in a minor role) as professionally as he would have liked. I’ve also heard former employees saying that he’s difficult to work for. But that doesn’t mean he deserves what happened next. Probably knowing what was about to happen, Crowder openeind his show by teling his audience that he was going through a difficult divorce. A few days later his wife leaked out a Ring video that makes him look pretty bad. I was immediately skeptical, and while the normally excellent Mark Dice got a bit catty in his coverage, Crowder also got a much fairer hearing from the still left leaning but red pilled Leftist, Karlyn Borsynko.

As for my personal take on it, my bull snot detectors went off the moment the video it got leaked. First, it looked perfectly edited to make Crowder look bad. What confirmed my suspicions were who the videos got leaked to – Candace Owens, who has become a major competetive rival to Crowder, along with a small time hard left media personality? Nothing suspicious here!

To summarize, based on the limited info I have, here is my take on each situation:

  • O’Keefe sounds like a tough boss, but one who is good to work for if that’s the mangement style a reporter works well with
  • TuCa sounds like someone who has a bit of frat boy in him that makes his place fun to work, but would be Hell for any of today’s miserable scolds.
  • I see no controversy in Bongino leaving Fox, aside from being part of a larger trend.
  • Crowder sounds like a major league (sphincter muscle), but it doesn’t mean that there’s a lot more to his divorce story than the recent pot shot.

Before anyone jumps on me over these opinions, please note that they’re just that – opinions. I’m asserting nothing about each, and if I were to see additional info I’d have no problem revising my positions. More concerning is the overall pattern from The Radical Left to try to shut down and opposing views as illegitimate. We just saw Gulag Barbie take a victory lap over TuCa, while the trained seals at the White House Correspondents’ dinner clapped over one of their ranks being censored. Logtime Lefty but recently red pilled Naomi Wolf has gotten heaploads of Tolerance(TM) from Lefties for committing the sin of even talking to Tuca.

We’re seeing a rash of Normals in the video media realm being attacked in the runup to Biden’s* 2024 plans to “Finish the Job” (maybe the perfect bookend to “Fundamentally transforming the United States of America”?). More Leftists are demanding that we Normals no longer be allowed to speak our minds. What we’re seeing now is happening for a reason.

And I genuinely miss the days when what I just wrote would have sounded like tin foil hattery. But it’s 2023, and the only difference between conspiracy theories and reality is time.

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