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Welcome back to Day 810 of the Biden* regime! Let’s get straight to the crazy:

4/14 – Dad: ‘Hospital’s COVID-19 Malpractice KILLED my daughter’

At some point there will be a day of reckoning over all of the abuse that came about as a result of The Fauci Flu. This is one of the important fronts on the war.

4/15 – Infiltration: How The Chinese Communist Party Is Manipulating America

Longer podcast, but I’m going to keep pushing this very underreported story

4/18 – When the house of cards comes toppling down…

While I don’t agree with the proposed solution, I think that solution is one of a number of useful remedies

4/18 – UN Plots Giant Power Grab to Deal With “Global Emergencies”

This week’s edition of “I miss the days when stories like this sounded more like conspiracy theory than open fact”

4/18 – “The Implementation of Communism through Cultural Deconstruction and Indoctrination”

Shorter audio clip, well worth your time

4/21 – Zero Democrats Vote For House Bill To Protect Women’s Sports…

Why do Democrats hate women?

4/22 – Loony Science: German Mainstream Media Blame Riots At Public Pools On Climate Change

I already know The Radical left’s counter argument to this: “But becasue Climastrology forced all oft those refugees to flee their home countries, THAT’S the reason we’re getting these riots!” Of course, that argument doesn’t explain why these “refugees” are incapable of behaving like civilized people.

4/22 – TAX ME MORE!

I always enjoy stories like this when Left Wing Extremists get put on the spot for their hypocrisy. A decade ago I wrote about three top Massachussetts hard core Democrats (Kerry, Kennedy, and Warren) who refused to pay their fair share of taxes.

4/23 – A New Religious Holiday

I actually agree with making Earth Day a relgious holiday. We can finally move past this crap of pretending that Climastrology has anything to do with science.

4/23 – Florida LGBT Group Cancels Pride Parade After City Says No Kids Allowed

Um… how exactly do we Normals respond to this? I’m thinking something along the lines of, “Your proposal is acceptable.”

4/24 – Goodbye to Bad Education

A small win, but a win nonetheless


For all I’ve been raising the alarm about The Radical Left normalizing child r@pe, the MN legislature is now working to formally legalize it. And these people genuinely thinkn that they’re the good guys.

4/26 – House Whistleblower: US Gov’t is ‘Middleman’ in Child Trafficking Scheme

OK, are there any betting pools out there as to when we officially learn that the Biden* crime family is benefitting from the destruction of our borders?

4/27 – Teen Vogue: More Politics Than Fashion

KInd of makes you long for the days when the mag just groomed girls to be shallow and stupid. Of course, Teen Vogue still does, but now with a heaping share of malevolence

4/28 – Let the primary debates disappear

I’m torn on this. I agree that these debates are fairly useless, but without primary debates we would have been deprived of that great moment where Tulsi shattered Kamala’s glass jaw.

ICYMI – I revisited the Bud Light debacle by asking Is Bud Light The Battle of Midway in The Culture War?

Have a great weekend!

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