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If you spend enough time on Twitter you learn a few things. One, it can be a good source for breaking news and events. Two, it accommodates a lot of BS. The trolls are ubiquitous- especially the left-wing trolls and shills. Some definitely are paid (likely most of them) by the DNC or someone or some organization on the left. The come running when the DNC dog whistle is blown. On a given day they almost have the same message- whether it’s attacking a black Supreme Court Justice or casting invective at a former President or recently attempting to savage an FBI whistleblower. I’ve put a list of them together here, not for the purpose of trading barbs or threatening or even insulting them.

Just block them.

They offer absolutely nothing of value. Here’s the list












There are more but this is a good starting point.

The children in the above group are prone to more emotional hyperbolic exclamations than the older ones. They also have a tendency to scream in their tweets posted from Mom and Dad’s basement as though volume makes up for lack of substance. Mendacity is rampant.

All of them live in a fantasy world and I’m not sure they understand that or that are desperately trying to convince you to live in their world. They talk about Joe Biden as though he is the Messiah. They preach about his wonderful record and how much everyone loves him. The real world says something else:

Most Democrats don’t want Biden to seek a 2nd term, poll says | PBS NewsHour

Analysis: A remarkable number of people don’t want Joe Biden to run again | CNN Politics

Poll finds 71% of Americans believe country is on wrong track (

Poll finds 69% of Americans have negative view of economy (

Poll: Americans Know Biden Is Too Old, Slow, and Stupid to Be President

Even Democrats now agree: Biden is too old for his job

And Biden is thoroughly corrupt:

This is the reality.

So, unless you have a combative streak in you, I strongly recommend you block the above DNC pets. Your time on Twitter will be far more pleasant.

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