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Welcome back to Day 824 of the Biden* Occupation! Before we get  into the crazy, this week we are taking our biggest trip in the wayback machine yet – 20 years to be exact!


Some prat from The Guardian penned an anti-American screed based on a brief visit to an Applebees in Alabama. The great James Lileks picks it apart piece by piece, and it’s beautiful to watch.

4/4 – ‘Air’ – Nothing but Net for Crowd-Pleasing Ode to Capitalism

Forget what a garbage company Nike has become. Let’s appreciate what they did back in the day, and how the next upstart might knock them down.

4/5 – How the American Left Went Commie: The French Revolution Is Still With Us Today (longer video)

Yes, it’s a longer video, but we really need to pay attention to the parallels

4/6 – The Facts on Homeschooling: It Works REALLY Well: Dr. Brian Ray

I still have my reasons for supporting keeping our kids in public school, but Alex makes his usual good arguments for home schooling

4/9 – ‘Follow the Science’ Seeks to Sway Moderates on Pandemic Overreach

The key here is “moderates”. Don’t waste your time on the crowd that can’t tell you the difference between a boy or a girl

4/10 – CCP Infiltration: How The Chinese Communist Party Is Manipulating America | Ava Chen (longer video)

Keep in mind where the funding for so much of our cultural and political rot originates

4/10 – Biden’s Avi Kwa Ame Monument Designation Ignores Serious Concerns

The only part of this post I disagree with is that “Biden did not consider these national security issues…”. Whoever Biden’s* handlers are would be the same ones working to destroy our miltary.

4/14 – ANOTHER Lawmaker Exposes Convention of States Fraud, Fake Emails & ID Theft

Like last week, this is not the biggest story, but one best squashed before any significant time and resources get wasted on it.

4/15 – U.S. Government Leading all Nations into Global Beast System

Makes sense, they want a return on investment for hijacking the 2020 election.

4/16 – Killing Women’s Sports

I keep saying this, but where in the seven shades of (excrement) are the “Feminist” groups?

4/17 – UN Says Minors Can Consent to Sex

JJ Sefton at Ace  said it best, “meh, the blue berets just want to be free to rape third world child refugees”

4/18 – The First Landing 1607 Team: “Declaration of Covenant” Event: April 26, Virginia Beach!

With all of the efforts to erase our history, here’s a chance to celebrate a lesser known piece

4/19 – Your Doctor Asking For Your Pronouns Isn’t Just Annoying, It’s A Sign Of The Industry’s Decline

Depending on my mood, I’ll either list my pronouns as “Go. (Copulate). Yourself”, or if I feel like having fun with it, I’ll go back to my stanby pronouns: “The Earl of Funk. The duke of Cool. The Ayatollah of Rock N Rolla!”

4/20 – Writer for Intelligencer declares ‘parental rights’ a system of human ownership

Take a guess as to who should own our kids. Go ahead, take a guess!

4/21 – New shadow home affairs minister James Paterson issues warning about China’s attempts to ‘shape Australia’s information system’

Not a surprise, given how much of the US leadership they own. And while MTG can be a loose cannon, when she’s on she is a national treasure.

ICYMI – I begged the question: Budweiser Has a Path to Redemption – Will they Take It?

Have a great weekend!

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