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Welcome back to Day 817 of the Biden* Occupation! Hopefully everyone  had a healthy and happy Easter / Passover / Spring Break, and now it’s back to enjoying springtime and crippling allergies! Speaking of things that can make one’s body violently react to pollutants, let’s look at what our Lefty pals have been up to:


The Wizard of Oz comparison is a great way to explain this to anyone who doesn’t understand why so many of us oppose a COS. While I’m fine with the idea in principle, everything I’ve seen in the last few years tells me that if a COS were to actually come close to happening, you can be rest assured that The Radical Left would set Big Tech and the Uniparty into motion to corrupt it

3/30 – USA RESTRICT Act (Video)

Straight up tyranny – every legislator who in any way contributed to this should be immediately impeached

3/31 – Abortion Pills are Hurting Women, Moms Regret Taking Them and Fight to Save Their Baby

Is it just me, or has modern feminism become the most anti-woman movement? This probably needs a post of its own

3/31 – ESG Invades US Economy, Risking Trillions For Globalist Goals (Video)

Check your retirement funds – avoid this stupidity as if your life’s savings depends on it. Because it does.

4/4 – U.S./NATO-funded Proxy War in Ukraine Fueling Hatred and Persecution of Ancient Christian community

I miss the days when reading a story like this would surprise me.

4/6 – Biden to Announce Toughest Vehicle Emission Rules Next Week

Help me out – why haven’t House Republicans impeached Sundown Joe*? Oh, that’s right – for a moment I forgot who our VP is.

4/7 – Arizona GOP Sheriff Mark Lamb to launch a U.S. Senate bid

Whatever. Until the GOP prosecutes Abortion Mouse’s fraudulent election to Governorship, what make anyone think the Dems will allow a Republican to win another statewide race in AZ?

4/8 – Merchandiser Claims No One is Buying Anheuser-Busch Products (VIDEO)

I feel bad for the the distributors and bar owners who are stuck with tons of unsold Bud Light. How about asking Anheuser Busch to buy it back for making their product so difficult to sell?

4/9 – At an Austrian School, an Easter Tradition is Banned

We’ve finally found a form of Colonization that The Radical Left actually loves!

4/10 – Al Jaffee dead at 102: Legendary Mad magazine cartoonist remembered as one of the greats

Sad news, a great creator from a far better era for humor

4/11 – All the News that’s Fit to Pimp

For all that The Radical Left claims to oppose Fascism, they ceratinly enjoy practicing the textbook definition of it.

4/12 – ‘Burn Bra Challenge’ Takes Over TikTok in Protest of NIKE’s Dylan Mulvaney Ads

Some boycotts work, and some don’t. Just like Bud Light seems to be having an effect, my guess is in this case Nike will shrug this blowback off just as they did over Colon Kaepernick.

4/13 – Do Not Fall for the Normalcy Presumption – Nothing Is Normal Anymore

Kurt Schlichter reminds us that as soon as The Radical Left corrupts an institution we need to stop respecting it and start working on leaching out the disease.

4/14 – Biden is the most amoral President in US history

Yes, even more than Obama. On that cheery note…

Have a great weekend!

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