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Welcome back to Day 810 of America held hostage by the Biden* regime! Like most holiday weekends, this will be a relatively light post. That’s in terms of amount posted, not the gravity of content. Before we even begin, in roughly 14 years & almost 800 posts, for the first time ever I got this warning from WordPress:

This post was put behind a warning for readers because it contains sensitive content as outlined in Blogger’s Community Guidelines.

Of course, the link to community guidelines gives some vague, useless language and no help whatsoever in identifying what the specific violation was. Meh, frankly I’m surprised it took this long. On to the insanity:

3/30 – Left-Wing Violence Chic

3/31 – The paradox: The West burns more fossil fuels per capita but has healthier air

4/1 – Ross Clark: Stop terrorising the young with climate doom

4/2 – Germany Rules Out Any Further Weapons Deliveries To Ukraine

4/3 – THE COLUMN: Actually, It Is ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’

4/3 – ‘Country Music Is Dead’ Trends After Kelsea Ballerini’s CMT Awards Performance Goes Terribly Wrong

4/4 – Marjorie Taylor Greene May Have Finished Off Lesley Stahl on Sunday Night

4/5 – Young Winston Smith Attends His Company’s Emergency DIE Training

4/6 – Bookworm Beat 4/6/23 — the gender madness and Trump arrest illustrated edition

4/7 – Reflections on Easter

ICYMI – I asked the question – Why Did Bud Light Choose to Follow the Hershey Highway to Hell?

Have a great weekend, and Happy Easter! I’ve got two music videos for the season, the first an appropriate Good Friday song that opened one of my all time favorite albums, and the second sends the good news – He is risen, and building hot rods!

Brother Bob is no longer on Facebook (although you can see his archives there), and is back on Twitter again, but is ramping up on Minds and Gab, as well as Parler and GETTR, and has his biggest presence on MeWe.

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