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OK, that was probably the most bizarre post title I’ve ever written, but if you need a break from the bizarre show trial up in NY that even has reliable Leftists scratching their heads then read on! First off, I never got around to writing a post on Hershey’s Chocloate’s woke campaign of celebrating Women’s History Month by erasing women and replacing them with men. When did even my beloved childhood candy decide it now needs to hate me? Seriously, I’m so old I remember when a seemingly all American brand like Hershey proudly branded itself “The Great American Chocolate Bar”. Watch the commercial at the link – it could easily be a 2023 ad in terms of the diversity of its cast. And sadly, it’s equally dated by the fact that the people of the different backgrounds are are equally proud Americans. Which brings us to Anheuser-Busch (AB).

AB used to be possibly the most All American of all American brands – here is how it celebrated America back in 1986. At some point we went past this bizarre crossroads where being pro-American was smart marketing to where now companies seem to think that promoting groups that despise this country is good business. I’m not a Bud Light fan, but in terms of a drinkable swill I find it on par with the rest. Considering back in the day my weapons fo choice were Schaeffer, and later, Busch tall boys and my premium beer was Michelob, I’m never exactly been a beer snob. A few years ago I swore off of Bud Light when they introduced the now by comparison tame ad campaign of anti-men spokesmodels Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan to run the “Bud Light Party” ads. Judging from sales numbers, I wasn’t the only one to stop drinking Bud Light, a course they corrected. I’m on board with the Path of Redemption school of thought, so whe Bud Light dropped the stupid I was fine with purchasing them on occasion again. Not this time.

At this point, you don’t need me to recap the whole Dylan Mulvaney/Bud Light debacle. Twitchy found a tweet that summed up the graphic truth of this story:

If the tweet isn’t showing in your browser, it reads “When the George Floyd riots began, every American corporation dropped the American flag from their logo and replaced it with BLM. Less than a week after three Christian children were killed by a trans person, Bud Light made a trans person an ambassador for their brand.”

Dead on. How did we get from ad campaigns targeting a population that can all appreciate Patriotism to showing that your product is adjacent to *ahem* inappropriately associating with minors? For that matter, exactly how is this ad campaign going to increase sales? While alienating the vast majority of your customer base, you think it will be magically replaced and surpassed by demograpics that drink either Trader Joe’s Three Buck Chuck or the various vile cans of flavored hand sanitizer? Or maybe the jet fuel genius behind this ad campign had probably never actually met anyone who’s ever consumed the product that she was supposed to promote?

So this is where I draw the line. Whereas with the Schumer/Rogan beta cuck campaign, I just boycotted Bud Light, when AB dropped that stupidity I accepted their path to redemption and resumed my occasional Bud Light choice of swill consumption. Not this time.

This was a massive middle finger America. While what I’m about to say is borderline Godwin’s Law, AB is promoting an ideology that wants to destoy America. And at this point I am done with any and all AB products. Not permanently; AB deserves a path to redemption as much as any Leftist. On a side note, I do agree with Tim Pool’s (A red-pilled left leaning Vlogger) assessment of Dylan Mulvaney that he’s not actually a genuine Trans, but rather just a narcissistic sociopath. If you happen to see the clip of Mulvaney winning his Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right a few years ago you’ll see what I mean. And yes, I’m not linking on purpose – I watched so you don’t have to.

But it will take an act of contrition. And frankly, given the magnitude of the offense, I’m actually looking forward to seeing what AB will do to regain its street cred with us Normals. And if AB doesn’t? Between stock ownership and consumption over the years my family has been generous towards AB. And walking away from a bad investment is fine with me. Even if most breweries are woke to some degree, I can live with the least of many evils. Even if my impact might be minimal, it’s still the general principle.

And to end on a positive note, there is hope. Back in 2020 I walked away from all pro sports save for pro wrestling and the USFL (Go, Generals!). Part of it was time commitment with everything I had going on in my life, but it was mainly getting tired of nonsrtop political lecturing. While the NBA is getting ruined in the TV ratings, the league that seems to be figuring it out is the NHL. After a few Normals among their players decided they didn’t want to celebrate Gay Pride night, historicaclly inept comissioner Gary bettman seems to be figuring it out and is saying the NHL might drop these events next season. I’m not jumping yet, but if the NHL takes the simple step of not publicly hating me I’m willing to extend my hand.

It’s your move, corporate America.

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