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Welcome back to Day 794 of America held hostage by the Biden* regime! Let’s get to the Leftist insanity, but first a trip into The Wayback Machine to October:

10/10 – Why Is Hollywood So Woke? (Short Video)

Nothing new, but a good job of summing up

2/22 – World’s Superpowers Threw Their Cards on the Table This Week and Every One of Them Came Up in Favor of WWIII

Let’s hope that this one is wrong, but there seem to be too many people in power with too much to gain from starting a war


I know that this is becoming a recurring theme, but it needs to be shouted from the rooftops

3/11 – “Better Late Than Never?”

More revelations of The Fauci Flu

3/14 – “Islamic & Marxist Subversion in America: The Red Black Green Axis in Action” (Longer Video)

Also nothing new, but a story that we can’t afford to ignore

3/14 – How the Communists Take Down Freedom (Longer podcast)

As we are seeing all too well firsthand

3/15 – EXCLUSIVE: Grassroots Army Backs Senator’s Effort to Overturn Pentagon Abortion Policies

Every small victory adds up

3/15 – 3 Things the Left Doesn’t Want You to Say About Southern Border

There are obviously many more, but these are bigger than most. I also posted this becasue the author’s dad called into Chris Plante this week to plug his daughter’s work

3/16 – Are We the Byzantines?

Shorter piece by VDH, and the parallels are scary

3/17 – This is Kryptonite for fake science preachers: 60% of voters agree Climate Change is a religion

Acknowledging insanity is a great start. Next up we can teach The Radical Left teh basics of biology

3/18 – ‘Stockholm Syndrome’? SVB, BLM and the Toxic Plague of Liberal White Guilt

Expanding on the last post, Leftism is a religion

3/19 – Stanford Students Who Shouted Down Judge Demand Their Names and Photos be Removed From News Reports

The day after I added this story I found that Dr. John’s post kindly provides names and faces

3/20 – A Gigantic Egg All Over Brad Raffensperger’s Face

DIspelling more conspiracy theories regarding the 2020 election

3/20 – House of Fauci

Exhibit A for a case for reparations that we Normals can support

3/21 – Eight Startling and Uncomfortable Ways the Democrat Party Emulates the Nazi Party

I make no aplogies for invoking Godwin’s Law – nothing here is wrong

3/22 – Did Colonialism Impoverish Africa and Asia? Perhaps Not

Another annoying modern myth that needs to be slapped down

3/23 – Auditing Biden’s ‘Victory’

Nothing here you haven’t read before, but this is one of the better summaries that’s been assembled. You’ll want to bookmark this 2020 postmortem for reference

3/24 –Transgender women athletes banned from competing in female events in shock ruling by World Athletics

It kills me that such common sense legislation is necessary, but a win is a win

Have a great weekend!

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