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Game over, man. The Trump Grand Jury proceedings have been suspended for the week. Karma has caught Alvin Bragg, who is giving Joe Biden a run for the personal history embellishment award.

Manhattan’s new District Attorney Alvin Bragg regularly gives speeches about his childhood, recalling that cops and civilians pointed guns at him a half dozen times, and says it’s his hardships growing up in Harlem that make him the right man for the moment.


But critics familiar with his upbringing tell that he actually enjoyed quite a cushy existence and should stop distorting his past to justify reforms that would keep all but the most serious felons out of jail.


Bragg, the first black Manhattan DA, grew up in Harlem but on one of the safest blocks around, an upper middle-class enclave of brownstones known as Strivers Row, and since age 4 commuted to the elite Trinity School on Manhattan’s Upper West Side – details he conveniently leaves out when he makes his case.

But Bragg has bigger problems now. It appears he withheld Brady material.

There are now accusations of prosecutorial misconduct being leveled against Bragg, since he sent the grand jury only six “cherry-picked” emails in the case, instead of hundreds of pages of documents that contained potentially exculpatory evidence, as Costello claimed in an interview.

And then there’s this bombshell.

Michael Cohen’s lawyer makes very clear that Cohen used his own funds to pay off Stormy Daniels and that Trump had no knowledge of it. Couple this with the testimony of Robert Costello and you can stick a fork in Bragg.

He’s done. Maybe well done too. Alvin Bragg is guilty of prosecutorial misconduct and should be disbarred. This “get Trump at any cost” BS has crossed the line.

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