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The quote above comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson but there are variations on the theme. The character Omar Little in “The Wire” put it a little differently:

When you come at the king, you best not miss.

In the Truth Social post, Donald Trump says he’s learned he is to be arrested on Tuesday by the galactically stupid Alvin Bragg, Manhattan DA.

Donald Trump's Truth Social post.

When Bragg took office he made clear that a good number of crimes were not going to be prosecuted

Among the crimes Bragg said his office would not prosecute: marijuana misdemeanors, including selling more than three ounces; not paying public transportation fare; trespassing except a fourth degree stalking charge, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration in certain cases, and prostitution.

He admitted that cops won’t bother arresting anyone committing these crimes. That way Bragg can claim that crime is down. See how that works?

Bragg routinely sets murderers loose but he and his office have an perverted obsession with Trump and have for a long time. It appears he’s going to take a chance on killing the king. About that- paying hush money is not illegal despite liberal rants to the contrary. Bragg is going to go after Trump for something else:

Prosecutors are weighing whether to charge Trump with falsifying the business records of the Trump Organization for how it reflected the reimbursement of the payment to Cohen, who said he advanced the money to Daniels.

Going through the spectacle of a trial for a misdemeanor seems asinine but Bragg is not likely to stop there. He will most likely seek to try to elevate the charges to a felony:

Prosecutors are also weighing whether to charge Trump with falsifying business records in the first degree for falsifying a record with the intent to commit another crime or to aid or conceal another crime, which in this case could be a violation of campaign finance laws. That is a Class E felony and carries a sentence of a minimum of one year and as much as four years.

Trump is a trophy Bragg covets more than anything in his life. He would be the first person to indict a former President but it’s not without significant risk. In Bragg’s favor is the venue- New York City. He could and would stack the jury with Trump haters. Trump could reasonably ask for a change in venue but it’s not likely to be granted, but Trump lawyers would probably challenge the charges.

A decision to bring charges would not be without risk or guarantee a conviction. Trump’s lawyers could challenge whether campaign finance laws would apply as a crime to make the case a felony, for instance.

If Bragg put Trump on trial, he best win the case, even though it will make Trump a martyr. Should he lose, he makes Donald Trump President once again.

Michael Sussman was allowed to surrender himself when he was indicted. If Bragg takes Trump into custody with a SWAT team and places him in cuffs and shackles as has happened to all Republicans in similar situations this country should erupt.




I just watched John Yoo on Cavuto.

I am not a lawyer but this would seem to complicate matters- the statute of limitations in New York for a misdemeanor is two years. For a felony it is five years. The events described above occurred seven years ago.

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