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Welcome back to Day 773 of the Biden* occupation! Busy week, so plenty of links, but no commentary. Between all of the writing I did and CPAC this week has been a bit crazy. In fact, by the time you’re reading this I’ll probably be at CPAC – drop me a line if you’d like to try meet IRL, as the cool kids say. My gmail handle is “hellobrotherbob”. Hopefully see you there, and now for a jump into the wayback machine of a month ago to offer another long form video:

1/22 – Walt’s Disenchanted Kingdom

2/15 – Feds Fund Hypersexualized “Suicide” Hotlines for Children

2/20 – Our new serious Sputnik moment calls out for an end to ‘woke’ distractions

2/21 – Jimmy Carter & the Problem of Embracing Evil

2/23 – Library Features Clarence Thomas Books After Daily Signal Inquiry

2/24 – Leo Hohmann: Biden stacking his administration with Trilateral Commission members: Appointment to head World Bank is latest Trilateral stooge


2/26 – Washington State Dems Want ‘Minority Report’ Commission to Destroy Conservative Wrong-Think

2/27 – WATCH: Aussie Reporter Loses It on Air Covering Biden’s Mental Health

2/28 – Banned From Getting HAIRCUTS. Social Credit Scores Are Here.

3/1 – South Africa is in freefall

3/2 – Okay, So It Looks as if the Justice Department Probably Has Spies in Catholic Churches

3/3 – Horowitz Video: ‘The Democrats Want a One-Party State’

ICYMI – And by judging from the view count, you probably did! But I aked The One Question Nobody Is Asking About Ukraine. And one that got a good discussion going in the comments was Why Donald Trump Can Not Be the GOP Nominee in 2024. Then I followed up with an even more popular opinion, The Democrats Have Already Won the 2024 Election, Regardless of Who Either Party Runs

Have a great weekend!

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