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When I read Vince’s post asking Is Donald Trump 2024 Worth The Fight? I thought that someone else had beaten me to the punch of an idea I had. It turns out that what Vince wrote was almost all of the background that I wanted to say, stopping just short of the point I wanted to make. So thanks Vince, for saving me a bunch of writing and sourcing! If you haven’t already read his post, go back and read it now. I’ll wait.

OK, now that you’re back, we’ll go back to Vince for a moment. The last portion of his post covers one of the worst aspects of Trump’s presidency, his questionable judgment regarding who he considers allies, as seen by his allying with Ronna McDaniel and Lindsey Graham. He’s still giving interviews to thinly veiled DNC PR flaks who hate him. He’s also dusting of his 2016 tactic of attacking his rivals with demeaning nicknames – Ron DeSanctimonious, and even down to going after Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, a candidate with zero chance of getting the nomination. Same with Nikki Haley. Stephen Kruiser also did a good job of breaking down Trump’s recent behavior and also stops just short of my point as to why Trump is guaranteed to lose on 2024:

He’s still fighting the last war. Or more accurately, he’s still fighting like it’s 2016, and we know how that turned out in 2020. Part of President Trump’s 2016 victory can be attributed to his two biggest establishment foes making the same mistake. Jeb! thought that he was the next Dubya/McCain/Romney, whose foes would get crushed by the GOP Establishment as he cruised to the nomination, where he woud (as I believe it was Kurt Schlichter who described it) get on the debate stage and giggle as Hillary zipped him into his Gimp suit before abusing him en route to a gentlemanly election day loss. Hillary thought the same, only this time her opponent was an outsized personality who her flunkies in the media would be unable to paint as The Devil himself. Nobody thinks for a minute that Jeb! would have brought out all of Bubba’s accusers to the debate.

In 2020 the Democrats did not make the mistake of relitigating 2016. Nobody reading this needs me to recap the many creative ways that the Democrats found a way to get 81 million votes counted for a crusty dementia patient who campaigned out of his basement. And they are not only not fighting 2020 again, but they are already “fortifying” their efforts for 2024, as demonstrated in the 2022 midterms. We already know that the GOPe has done little more than react to the Dems’ efforts to steal the next election – how much effort of this front have we seen from Trump?

At the end of the day, I’m not sure that any Republican can win in 2024, but that’s a post for another day, hopefully soon. My bigger concern beyond the presidency is the down ticket races. The Dems recognized this in their last two races, and screwed Bernie out of the nomination both times. If today’s Donald Trump is at the top of the ticket in 2024, people getting tired of his act might not be as enthusiastic to come out and vote for him. But as the biggest Emmanuel Goldstein The Radical Left has ever known, Trump will be the biggest gift to the Dems’ Get Out the Vote efforts.

And I’d love to be wrong on this, and am still looking for the convincing argument to change my mind.

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